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Dual CS 1256 Reviews

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Dual CS 1256

9/10 by rutger64

I bought the 1256 without an element and needle for €50.00 about a year ago from an audiophile (I could tell from his set up) and he told me he had it from his father in law's attick where it had been gathering dust for at least 2 decades. He told me hé had cleane and reoiled it a few years earlier and he had replaced the wiring with RCA plugs and a new earth wire. He had taken his Ortofon 2m Bronze and put it on a Thorens he had just restored. I had a 2m Red element lying at home, so fine, I did not need an element. I have not been disappointed since. 2 months ago I upgraded the 2m Red to Blue. What a fine turntable after all those years! Occasionally the start/stop functions don't work properly, so my guess is the previous owner did not fully take the machinery apart when cleaning and re-greasing all essential parts, but most of the time it works fine. The speed is spot on, so is setting the weight. The sound is just beautiful. I bought an old Pioneer amp (SA 6500II), also for €50 and connected (Bi-wired) a pair of Magnat Vintage 410's with silver wire for €100. Great vintage feel in the resulting sound. Including the wiring and Ortofon element and needle, a super sounding vintage set up for under €450. If you come across a Dual 1256 and it's been serviced, don't hesitate. Stick a decent element on it if it has't got one already and you will not be disappointed!

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