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Dual 721 Reviews

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Dual 721

Dual 721

10/10 by tylerscott007

Absolutely an incredible direct drive turntable. I’ve owned many of top models of the Dual line up like the 1009, 1019, 1209, 1219, 1229, 1229Q, 701, and 704!!! I would highly recommend the Dual 721 with a full servicing. New caps on the motor board, clean all contacts, clean the old lubricant off and add new lubricant as needed. Install new high grade rca cables/wires, a nice NOS Shure V15 type III cartridge and stylus.

9/10 by daviddonnelly

I've been playing and listening to records for 43 years. I use a Fisher 400 receiver, Klipsch Forte I speakers, and my 721.

I run my 721 with a Shure Quadraphonic cartridge. It is superb to my ears. I've done blind samples (same receiver, same speakers, same album) for folks sitting in my listening space, comparing the 721 against my Thorens T160 MKI. Nobody can hear any difference in sound but, as the user, the automatic features of the 721 make the listening experience that much more pleasurable.

It's the most under-appreciated Dual of them all, imo - and to my ears it out-performs the 1229, the 1219, and the 1019; all of which I've owned at some point.

9/10 by tsimek

Dual cs721.. this is the TT you want for virtually no feedback or rumble issues.

9/10 by mgl99

I got a good price on my 721 since it had some minor issues that were very easily corrected. I'm currently running a Shure m95xe cartridge on it, and it sounds fantastic. Just a heads up, because I've read several comments about speed control issues on vintage Dual TTs. This problem can usually be remedied by cleaning the speed adjustment potentiometer with some Deoxit and cycling it manually several times through it's full range. I have also noticed that after about 5 mins of play time, speed control is further stabilized when temperature stabilizes with current flow. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy this TT.

10/10 by Legrace

The 721 is considered by many to be one of the finest Duals ever made. Second the motion. 721 is built on the same basic direct drive underpinnings as the ground breaking 701, while introducing new features including adjustable VTA and adjustable cueing speed. For me the former is must have as I am a fan of LOMC cartridges. This feature alone elevates the 721 above the 701 IMHO. Speaking of MC's am currently running a Rega Apetha 2 MC on the 721 and the sound is just glorious. A MC on this deck is a worthy upgrade. Arm is readily capable despite the fact many will say otherwise. They are sadly misinformed. I own another newer deck that I spent close to 4K on and the 721 easily gives it a run for the money. Backgrounds are black, detail retrieval is excellent, lovely pace and rhythm. The only con I can express really is its complexity. Because of this had mine professionally restored by Couple others if you happen across one of these excellent tables are and If restored just superb!

8/10 by Alfredo70

I have changed a tonearm original for a tonearm Syntec S-220. The sound achieved is wonderful, and the cartridge is a Shure Mx97e

9/10 by kermitz

This has been a great tables since I bought it several years ago. My only issue was the plastic plinth. Last month I fixed that with a sold walnut plinth from a Dual repair guy. Not it is great to look at and use. I use an Ortofon OM20 cart and love it.

10/10 by Jojo57

I worked at Pacific Stereo for ten years ,I had access to almost every turntable made at hat time.The Dual 721 was and is the finest turntable ever made within reason $$.
It had the best dampening of every turntable I tried .The AR table was good but not near as good as this dual. I would run a Phase Linear D500 (earth shaking 500 watts rms into 8 ohms) amp with AR9`s( again my very favorite speakers) .This table would get no feedback at all.The very popular Technique Tables( at the time) circa 1977 or so ,would begin to rumble with feedback once the sound from the speakers reached a certain level. I`ve had this table since it was new ,just broke it out and cant get the speed to stay constant but it is pretty old now.I never understood why they did not install this in one of there older style oiled walnut bases.

9/10 by anmpr1

My example of this turntable developed some speed control issues in 2004, so I gave it away. Not a bad run for a made-in-1977 machine (although my Technics SL-1100a is even older and still runs like new). I wish it, or something similar, were still made, as it was basically an unexceptional, straightforward deck. Quiet, ergonomic controls, and well designed tonearm with tight bearings. The counterweight design was, I guess, a pretty good damping compromise. Not the most sophisticated device ever seen on a tonearm, but for a reasonably priced integrated automatic deck, a nifty feature. My impression is that the earlier 701 was of better build, but if you can find a 704/721 in good working order I think it would be worth owning.

9/10 by Kajtsu

I recently bought this TT and after start difficulties (steuer pimpel and some loose screws) I have to say I like it. It´s very very quiet even automatic mechanism is quiet. It keeps speed quite well (no quartz lock). It has original Shure V15/3 LM cartridge which is perfect partner to Dual 721 TT IMHO.

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