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Dual 704 Reviews

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Dual 704

Dual 704

9/10 by oschalbroeck

Just purchased a wonderful Dual 704 with black plinth. I followed the advice of pongshi: If you can get a hold of one, do so.

It's almost in mint condition apart from some minor scratches on the cover. It has a Shure M75MG cartridge with the original stylus so maybe this will need changing.

It is very quiet and it has a nice little feature: it indicates the lead-in groove of the record with a little mechanical bump in the tonearm. It's called tonearm lowering aid and it can also be switched off. Very helpful when my 9-year-old daughter wants to play a record ;-)

It has been playing almost non-stop for a week now and not one hiccup.
I'm a happy trooper!

10/10 by Monty14

Je suis très content de mon acquisition, c'est une très bonne platine ce que j'apprécie c'est le repère du début de sillon quel trouvaille, puis ça respire la qualité, ce que j'aime aussi c'est que le bras en fin de lecture remonte automatiquement et arrête le plateau de tourné puis tout les réglage sont simple c'est vraiment appréciable on peut dire qu'il savait fabriquer des platines dans le temps, j'ai actuellement une shure M75 Type D, je ne saurais pas par quoi la remplacer.

9/10 by Bertram26

I have had a 704 with the original Shure M91E cartridge for over 10 years after wanting one sine I was in high school (way back). It has been a great deck and has been motivation to upgrade speakers and amplifier. I also have a 604 with an economical but good Grado Black cartridge. I prefer the auto-lift and stop of the 704 over the auto-return and stop of the 604. As I continue to upgrade my system I intend to invest in a better cart for the 704. In addition, I think the only thing that prevents the 704 from being as nice the few Thorens I have heard is the fact that it has the cheap plastic plinth. Would like to swap it to a nice, heave piece of wood to make it look as nice as it sounds. If you can find a decent 704, it is a deck worth restoring and hanging on to.

5/10 by rjohnvm

thanks so much for allowing me to upload the service manual..

9/10 by pongshi

This Dual is truly a sleeper and does not get the recognition it deserves. This turntable is extremely quiet and pinpoint accurate in its speed. It is a semi-auto. If you can get a hold of one, do so.

8/10 by Kenmood

Very refined turntable, sturdy and stable. Nice features like VTA. Very underrated. Maybe even better than higher end models. If you can get one, buy it.

5/10 by Max Headroom

I am really grateful that I could download the user and service manuals.
Thanks again to the person who uploaded these.

8/10 by Smoke Screen

The arm of 704/721 inherited the quality of the older 1249 arm plus VTA adjustment.
Its also a medium mass arm that can be used successfully with most MM and MC carts.
I have used this arm (on a 721) with AKG P25, Elac ESG795/796,Shure V15/III HE,Dynavector DV23R and it shined with all of them.

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