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Dual 701 Reviews

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Dual 701

Dual 701

5/10 by dmadmc

I have some issues with the tonearm. Can anyone take some photos of the vertical bearing areas and post them for me to compare with mine? At the bottom of the tonearm, there is a screw to secure the tonearm wand to the vertical bearing fixture. For mine it does not secure the tonearm wand to it, so tonearm is loose and you can push and back with a very light force to it. I am not sure it is normal or not. Anybody who has 701 please share some photos of the bearing area with me. Greatly appreciate it.

9/10 by theaudiohiffle

Bought mine used in 1976, and have used it ever since. Deale said previous owner he had sold it to wanted fancier tabel. His loss, my gain. I've used it with an ADC XLM, and with an Accuphase AC-2 as my main cartridges ... both superb matches. At one point I had a Linn Sondek with a Syrinx PU-1 arm, and AC-2 cartridges mounted in both. The Dual matched the famed Linn mid-range, and was smoother and cleaner in the bass, while losing (but not by much) to the Syrinx PU1 in the treble. I have never heard a turntable at a dealers that sounded any better. Money much better spent on speakers.

8/10 by RobHolt

Excellent motor unit and the arm is much better than it looks.
Mine had sloppy arm bearings but these can be adjusted (check the service manual on this site) and I highly recommend setting for zero perceptible play for best sound. The excellent deck is let down by the plastic plinth. I recommend a solid wood 3rd party plinth, e.g. the one from Dual Fred.

One potential issue with these is the sprung, anti-resonance counterweight which is a delicate affair and usually broken.
Dont worry about this since the science behind the 'anti-resonance' counterweight is questionable at best. I recommend puling out the remaining degraded rubber mount, gluing the inner metal counterweight to the out plastic housing and solidly mounting the weight onto the rod.
Still looks original and works/looks much better than a sagging broken weight.

10/10 by jeetjeweetje

10/10 by DSJR

One of the best Duals ever made and a firm classic worthy of the reverence it garners in many quarters. I love mine to bits and if all the others had to go, my 701 is the one I'd elect to keep.

The drive is a lowish torque direct drive, which has absolutely NO 'cogging' or servo-hunting. if the platter is deliberately slowed, it simply returns to speed with absolutely no overshoot. Perfect and totally stable with the sub-2g trackers it's usually used with. Even though the strobe appears to show speed drift, it's actually the mains frequency moving around slightly at different times of day and NOT the turntable speed I've discovered. The arm is amazingly good and far better than you'd think, despite the headshell assembly being a little 'lively' when handling with some cartridges. Interestingly, some expensive and 'solid' MC types are perfect in this arm and the headshell isn't excited at all when handling. The fancy counterweight works well and mine was from the era when the Shure V15 III came as standard in a special version for the detachable carrier. This cartridge has never sounded sweeter than it does in this deck.

Sound quality? In a word 'SUPERB!' Maybe the scale isn't as expansive as the better 'audiophile' confections out there, but it's all there, just in a slightly smaller package. The exit cable could be upgraded though to better exploit good modern cartridges I think and I use Van Damme pro-patch mic cable on mine, the two inner cores of each cable carrying the signal hot and return and with the outer screen connected at the RCA phono plug end. The deck's chassis is separately earthed via a third cable as per modern convention, the chassis now all but disconnected from the exit cables.

These decks are forty plus years old now and quiet and supremely gentle as the mechanism is, some servicing will be needed. The infamous 'steuerpimpel' needs to be replaced, otherwise the arm won't be easily moved by the mechanism's main lever. Replacements can easily be obtained now. I'd also recommend a very thin and usually cheap 1.5mm cork mat on top of the existing hard rubber one, but this is purely a personal subjective thing.

Lovely old deck this one and for me a truly charming and endearing personal favourite.

10/10 by Doompie

Upgraded too this table from a, custom (10kg) plinth dual 1239 but oh my is this something else.
It's in the extraordinary league of Direct Drive Turntables, meaning the axis from the motor goes strait into the record, no transition (nor a wheel nor a belt).
Some people hate it, others love it. Mostly because it's musicality which, in my humble opinion, is fantastic.

Catalogue price of this 701 when released in 1973 were about 2 incomes of the average joe. There are people whom claim This Dual 701 table was THE best table on the market and the ultimate in what was technically possible at that time (1973).

That I Don't know but it is a very solid table, no plastics used in the construction, only for buttons and parts of the automatic mechanism.
The motor, Dual EDS-1000, is FENOMINAL. Sorry no other words for it.
The most precise, most silent and most stable turntable motors EVER produced. IT MATCHES the new, modern VPI Direct drive (23.000 euro) (source: audio-creative).
The platter weight is 2,9 KG which means, with my aluminum 432g clamp it's almost 3,5 kilo's. Super stable and rumble is eliminated too my ears.

Mine came with it's original Shure V15III cartridge, which I still use occasionally. Though my daily cartridge is a Benz Micro MC Gold with this table. Which for me, in my room, with my (115W) class-A amplifier and Quadral Montan Speakers is a dream came true.
On Average I listen to vinyls for about 30 hours a week without getting tired nor bored. With this table/cartridge I'm still rediscovering some music.
Also I do think this table can be a good investment for the future. It's already getting very scares..

- When maintained, Beautiful fully automatic starting/stopping mechanism (incl. placement on the record)
- Motor specifications are Top of the bill, even anno 2015
- Maintenance and practically wear free motor

- the automatic mechanism needs regular service and adjustment

Platter: Non-magnetic, Dynamically Balanced, detachable, 2.9KG
Platter speeds: 33.33 Rpm and 45 Rpm, electronically adjustable
Pitch Control: 10% Seperate in both speeds, each adjustment by means of variable resistor, with calibration scale
Speed control: with illuminated stroboscope
WoW and flutter: 0,03%
Rumble: 50 dB, unweighted
Tonearm: torsionally rigid, tubular tonearm in low friction four point gimbal suspension, tonearm counterbalance with two mechanical anti resonance filters

and too the sceptics of direct-drive, PLEASE...GO for a demo..

10/10 by vatchvult


9/10 by manno2007

One of the best turntable of Dual. Regards

5/10 by nikobetin

7/10 by dinck

Truly great turntable with authority and slam. The tonearm is pretty decent and allows high end carts. Stable soundstage, but suffers a bit from temperature dependent drift, long time speed stability is below par. Built like a tank, but heavily used machines need some attention to automatic playing mechanism, works as well manualy however.

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