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Dual 601 Reviews

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Dual 601

Dual 601

9/10 by T68

What a deck!
This is definitely one of the sleeper TTs of the Duals.
Consider it the belt driven version as of the much appraised 1219/1229 idlers and 701 direct drive. Think this model kind of got forgotten since it came out same year as some of those other great tables.
Pretty much the same great tonearm and sturdy build as it's cousins.

Upside compared to the hyped idlers is no risk of idler wheel rumble and dearing ring break down. A belt is easier to maintain.
I'm in Europe on 50hz currency so no worries about the speed issues on the sm840 motor that occurs on 60hz (= US where you should look for units with the sm860 replacement).
Sounds surprisingly good with Duals Ortofon cartridge M20E and a jico replacement stylus from Thakker.

7/10 by lreneat

Review date - August 7, 2017. The Dual 601 is a little above average for Dual TT's in general. Dual TT's are not without some imperfect German design flaws, and this does not even expose rim drive Dual TT's for their difficulties. The cuing down of tonearm lacks perfect ability to slowly lower tonearm to record. Even using thicker 500,000 silicone oil has a limited ability to slow cuing tube compression, does not guarantee a slow ascend of tonearm to record surface. I have come to except this until other problems come into play, then I will attempt a repacking of cuing tube with 500,000 silicone oil again. The sled between cartridge and underside end of tonearm has fragile brass clip ends which go into the phono cartridge prongs. These should have been better made and coated with gold which never tarnishes. Contact points under tonearm end are also brass or brass coated with same tarnishing issue which compromises good contact between sled prongs. Hum, can you hear the hum? Another problem that Dual failed to catch before some Dual 601's were shipped from Germany was the double speeder motors they put in some of the Dual 601's shipped to the USA. Another expense if you bought your used 601 long after motor warranty was over. That little boo-boo on Dual's part set me back $65.00 plus shipping years ago, not to mention my labor to remove wrong motor and installing the right motor. Another fast one Dual pulled off with the Shure phono cartridge company was to glue down their V-15 Type 3 cartridges to the Dual sled. Who's bright idea was this? The V-15 Types 3 is a fine cartridge, but what if you happen to decide to use the cartridge on a non-Dual TT, screwed! Another eventual fail item is the pop suppressor/capacitor. This item keeps the pop through speakers from happening when you start and stop the turntable. Yep, had to find the correct capacitor part and order it, then remove old part and install new capacitor. Having fun yet? Not to fear, I have replaced a few of these on other Dual models as well. I'm sure that other people have their own love hate problems with Dual's as well. Steropimpel replacement, speed control glow light replacement, etc., it's only money and time, no problem. Now that most of the bad stuff has been exposed, I will now comment on the favorable Dual 601 TT qualities. Once one gets all the irritating things under control, one has a favorable working TT until the next time the hum sound shows-up again. As anyone can see, I have a love/hate relationship with Dual turntables. If I were starting fresh, I would likely go with Technics turntables. Some people don't like the plastic, but look at it this way, you are not supposed to abuse any turntable, so plastic works fine and it's reliable.

9/10 by puma

Recently purchased this 601 from German ebay, the Dual M20 cartridge had a bent cantilever so replaced this with a Nagaoka MP-100, aligned this using a printed paper protractor. Then rebalanced the tonearm and continued setting up using the HiFi Sound HFS81 test record. The tracking test were better than I expected for an old deck, every tracking test passed including their band C high level cuts. I noticed that the deck will not respond to changing the speed to 45 rpm, I'll look into this later when I do some maintenance as suggested in the handbook and I'll change the belt at the same time.
My stereo consists this deck, Onkyo A9010-GB amp, Q Acoustics A3010 speakers and a Quad CD player. Enough of the boring bits, how does it sound?
First spin is a new copy of Dave Brubeck's Take 5, just outstanding stereo imaging and the saxophone is in the room with you! the attack on the drums makes me smile, just phenomenal! Then moving on to something very familiar, Jupiter from the planets, again very pleased with the outcome and compared to the CD player the deck is an obvious improvement in every respect.
This deck is great looking and the controls have a quality feel to them, physically this is a heavyweight item compared to a modern hifi deck and the controls have a quality feel to them.

In summary this is a wonderful deck and well worth buying if you can find a goodun!

10/10 by loroxo

This is an underrated quietly sleeper. Assumed the drive, belt and potential corroded sources of error are serviced, this is DUAL's first and classic belt-drive easily to compare with the best competitors of it's time. Look at the downside of the platter: It's dynamically balanced and the strobe marks are casted. The power behind the throne and treatment is excellent, the groups of parts are no low-cost, take a look to the drive motor and compare it to a well rated Thorens...

The TK headshell of the excellent tonearm seems to be flimsy, but now you are able to change your assembled cartridge on the next TK in 5 minutes. This old man like Cartridge experiments...

Very good sounding results, in descending order, received with:
1. ADC VLM, 2.AT-440mla, 3.Shure M-75ED, 4. M-95G

But every combo has it's own attraction...high compliance cartridges recommended.

This éminence grise is a quiet, smooth driving and sounding classic Turntable, but it's not for you, when you looking for a representative mega - expensive modern drilling derrick

7/10 by MILLET

A full automatic beltdrived 1973 model. Bought with the original push-and-lock it cartridge Dual DM 103 M-E. I think it is a middle range turntable very well made, especially the long tonearm and mechanism. The sound is smooth and clear.

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