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Dual 510 Reviews

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Dual 510

Dual 510

10/10 by Yemm66

This is one of the best Dual tables. It has a very heavy, dynamically balanced platter which spins with authority and mass while reducing vibration. The arm feels very nice when it clicks into place at the lead in groove. I also like that you can use your own cables which simply plug in under the table so upgrading is easy. The only real knock is the SM840 motor, which if you have one will typically spin very fast. I replaced mine with an SM860 and the problem was solved. It's a beautiful machine of simplicity and function. Highly recommended.

9/10 by fj2525vl

just arrived at home and first impresions are very positives!! I need to change the cartridge for a new model.

10/10 by 8ntractor

Found at a garage sale for $5 dollars 25 years ago had others sold others keep keeping this one.

10/10 by Golfmate

I got mine from ebay and must say, the Dual 510 is my secret favourite. Yes, it does not provide many features. No kinematic for moving the tone arm to the lead-in groove, and none for moving it back at the end of the record. Just a disengageable groove finder, and a tone arm lift. At the end of the record it simply lifts off the tone arm and turns off the motor. It's true qualities are underneath: An extremely silent 8-pole synchonous motor and yes... what is not there cannot break down. The extremely silent synchonous motor also makes it immune against voltage fluctuations without any need for electronics. Since good replacement needles for the stock Shure M95-LM are pretty rare now, I installed an Ortofon Super OM-20 which is a really good choice.

10/10 by tubesaurus

this is a truly belt hifi player.The sound is very good.
The pitch adjust can be blocked, than it must be cleaned from old hard oil.
And the motor bearings normally need some fresh oil.
Very easy to use with the pilot function for finding the 33 and 45 starting point.
No changer as normally usual with Dual players, therefore no hassle with the correct VTA angle.

9/10 by piperville

Got mine off a buddy in the early 80's. Still have it. I sometimes lose one side and get a hum. I now have the manuals to take it apart and repair it.

9/10 by FrequenzModulator

Replaced my Thorens TD 165 Mk II. I would miss the semi automatic and the simple cartridge change via differnt TKs. I frequently change between AT13EA–which I like best–, Shure 95ED and 75 with spherical Diamond. Sounds all great. Optics suffer from the cheap plastic housing.

9/10 by jazzmad

A great TT . Had it since it came out on the market. The only issues are a burnt strobe light and sometimes the 33 to 45 speed change can be a bit dodgy as belt gets stuck on the 33 speed whichever way one turns the speed shift knob! Since I don't play 45s ,this is no problem at the moment.

10/10 by Up Yer Nose

Found this turntable in a garage sale for $10.00. It was a little dusty, but I cleaned it up, and checked everything out and it works perfectly. The original cartridge was baffed, so I put on my old Shure M95ED and the sound is great. It blows my 35 year old Sony out of the water (naturally). Interestingly, it seems to deal with our fluctuating power grid really well. Happy me.

10/10 by JPWill

I've had this turntable since 1976 and have not had one issue. True German craftsmanship! It came with the Shure V15 Type III cartridge. One of the best.

10/10 by Jadran

Got this TT few days ago, and already is my favorite! It has Shure cart M95ED and sounds much better than my Pro-Ject with Denon DL-160. 30 years old but still great machine. It's real German Kraftwerk :D

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