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Dual 1249 Reviews

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Dual 1249

Dual 1249

9/10 by Pjblakey

I have never been enthused by Dual turntables, but my recently acquired 1249 with either AT140LC or Nagaoka MP-1100 is stunningly good,
compared to my previous tables, AR, LP12, 701, 1229, AT1240. Very revealing of different cartridges and an almost sweet presentation. Every other turntable I have is now for sale. If I decide on a back-up,I will probably look for another mint 1249.

9/10 by dailyspin

Currently in my 37th year with this table.Used nearly every day and recently gone thru.Quiet,steady,reliable.Its been a great piece of gear.

8/10 by manno2007

9/10 by djohnfot

While the 1249 does not have the panache of the 1219/1229 models it does have their great performance and shares most of their eccentric properties. This is a very quiet and stable machine with an excellent tonearm.

8/10 by Smoke Screen

Good medium mass arm with a vibration damper in the counterweight,dynamically balanced.
A large number of MM and MC carts will show good results.
Actually I use it with a DV23RS/MK3 and its very nice sounding.
The only thing thats missing is VTA adjustment.

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