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Dual 1228 Reviews

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Dual 1228

Dual 1228

7/10 by Codeward89

My repair guy prefers the 1228 over the rest of the 1200 idler drive models due to reliability/ease of repair. I don't like the 10 platter on the 1228, or the plinth it is set in (it's a compact United Audio plinth made of wood-look plastic and steel). The dproprietary headshell mount and dinky headshell wires leave something to be desired in my opinion. Sound is decent with accurate speed, but noisier than my other automatic (a Pioneer). One thing Duals have going for them is their heavyweight platters that received custom balancing treatment in the factory. There are better sounding automatics, but the Duals have an aesthetic that some might find special - very mechanical, with heavyweight iron switches. Almost a steampunk vibe. I believe many were originally ordered with gold bodied ADC XLM and Shure V15 cartridges so that is a bonus.

8/10 by gorobei77

The Dual 1228 is a turntable only surpassed by the 1229 which is the big brother of the 1200 series, these turntables were made ??during the years 1973 and 1974 as a benchmark of quality and design company.
Unlike other 1200 Series models this turntable has a larger diameter plate, a more robust construction and some details to keep in mind as the internal strobe speed control, finished iron levers and firmness and very high quality tonearm.

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