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Dual 1225 Reviews

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Dual 1225

Dual 1225

8/10 by boogatsby

my dual 1225 is inside an all in one system made by rca and i got it for 10$ at a thrift store it's a tank of a mechanism and the quad system makes it even better

9/10 by oa2212

Wonderful, lifelike sound, better than the belt- drive versions. Exceptional german engeneering as well. If looking for a used turntable go for the old DUAL idlers! They are extremely solid performers that will play for decades if serviced properly.

8/10 by The Gryphon

I got this table in working order from a flea market. It took me a while to master the workings of the mechanism but, now that I have, it is a wonderful little table which has allowed me to enjoy my 7 inch record collection in excellent audio quality.

5/10 by Jontew67

Thanks for the manuals. Bought a Dual 1225 for Xmas and enjoys my old vinyls. It needs some tweaking though, and for that I need manuals. Great!

10/10 by Bommelaere

merci pour ces documents

10/10 by stevenhotton

i just got this one for 80 off someone its amazing turntabal

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