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Dual 1224 Reviews

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Dual 1224

Dual 1224

7/10 by dykodesignsnl

Nice, entry level player with adjustable tonearm counterweight and user adjustable anti-skating. It is essentially the sucessor of the 1214, with some improvements/refinements in the anti-skating system.

It is almost identical to 1225, but with a simpler motor. It came with a ceramic CDS 650/660 cartridge, but I recommend to fit an AT-91 BL or similair entry level moving magnet cartridge, you'll get more performance out of it as the tonearm was designed to support the lower tracking forces that these carts require. The AT-91 tracking at 2 grams works great with this model.

8/10 by jurma

Good middle-class player. Solid unbreakable piece of metalwork. Virtually unbreakable. Compact and plays well especially with old amps.

5/10 by marquezantonio7

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