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Dual 1219 Reviews

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Dual 1219

Dual 1219

7/10 by manno2007

8/10 by ralstonslater

I just love my 1219. No earth/ground wire required and it sounds great. Original cartridge and stylus since new.

10/10 by tubesaurus

One of the best turntables ever

5/10 by Runningwolf

I have a 1219 in my current collection, which includes a vpi scout. Linn lp12, systemdek iix, technics 1200, and thorens td125. It's the only automatic & it occupies my cave. I love it's conveinience & sound. The minute plus slow down is very cool, This is a great tt, very under priced.

10/10 by harrion

I have a bunch of vintage turntables, Thorens, B&O, Technics SP-10, SL-1401, SL-1500, Dual 1216 and 1225. This one ranks right up there, sound wise and is , by far, my best Dual. It projects depth and a sweet bottom end, with good imaging. Playing it right now with a Pioneer SA-8500 integrated amp and through some ADS bookshelf speakers. Nice combo. I'm a sound guy, features take a backseat, so this review was inspired mainly by the sound quality. Got it for free from a friend, and did a few things, including a homemade pimpel from a piece of wire insulation. Auto return at record's end doesn't work and the motor is a little noisy, but I still love it. Auto start and stop are fine. It's the one with the wood base and pull out drawer. Nice base, which probably gives a nice added resonance. The pull out drawer doesn't hinge properly. I'll probably glue it shut. Anyway just a couple of cents from yours truly. If you find one of these, jump on it, you'll love the sound.

8/10 by jazzwessem

One of the best mechanic automatic turntables, with - for this type of turntable- a very, very good arm. Allows the use of high compliance cartridges. For an idler driven turntable, it is low in rumble. Using it as a automatic works very sophisticated and fluidly. Very low mechanical force on needle/cantilever when reaching the end of the disc and switching off. Very well made mechanics, great looks. If you can find one: buy it!

8/10 by Kyluckyman

Keep them greased and lubed and they will run forever. I like the fact the head shell is designed to allow for swapping of cartridges. This allows me to rotate my carts each week, give my stylus' a good clean and inspection. My Dad got a Dual 1229 when I was a teen in the early 1970's and I have loved and owned Dual turntables since. The 1219 or the 1229 are the ones to have in my book.

10/10 by alionida

Great turntable! I have both 1219 and 1229.

It sounds great as is, but even better with heavy DIY plinth. I made one of solid wood and it sound even better, background is very silent - black, rumble is non-audible.
As for the cartridges, I tried several: Shure M75/M91 with conical and elliptical stylus, Micro Seiki VF3200, Shure V15typeIII, Dual (Ortofon) M20e, Stanton 681eee... Dual M20e does not sound good on that arm! It need very light arms to perform well. Shure cartridges are my favorite, I use Shure M75e-t2 daily, and this combo sounds great! Stanton 681 and Shure V15 type III are even better but needles are very expensive so...

My other turntable is Thorens125/Grace727 and I would say they (belt drive and idler) compliment each other extremely well. All should have one of each. When I need relaxed sound, great soundstage with lots of air and details in music I listen to Thorens. When I need raw power, pace and drive I listen to Dual 1219.

Great for Rock and Jazz music. I really love my Dual 1219.

8/10 by Kajtsu

I use mine to play 78rpm shellacs and 45rpm singles with vinyl record switcher. Very reliable for over 40 year old turntable.

10/10 by manseau

This will be my third 12xx series 'table I've owned. While I have graduated to much more expensive 'tables, this series will always stand tall in my book. Now I buy them to rebuild and pass them on to people (veterans and newbies alike) that appreciate the quality Dual has always provided.

10/10 by dbmtb

These can still be picked up very cheaply and sound absolutely great.Fiddly to rewire and nowhere near as easy to work on as Rega type system - but great warm sound that works well with all kinds of music. Loving mine to bits.

9/10 by postit51

Mine was rescued from an antique store and after cleaning , greasing and oiling it sounds great. This table should be good for another 40 years now. It is amazing how men parts are still around for these duals.

7/10 by 77Shellac

I recently acquired one in ready to run condition, and it works well. The design is interesting both functionally and aesthetically. I had been looking for a machine to play my 78s, with the option to adjust tracking and anti-skate. Mine came with a Shure cartridge, which is easy enough to find 78 needles and standard needles for.

I've read some rave reviews about the Dual 1219, and I think it's slightly overrated. My biggest knock is the head shell assembly being pretty cheaply made, and the mechanism for locking the cartridge in place is not very solid. The tone arm isn't the most solid construction either, but it has played well and adjustments are easy to make.

I do appreciate the sound and uniqueness of this turntable, and plan to keep it in my fleet for years to come.

9/10 by James22-23

The combination of a massive platter and a really well-built and -designed tonearm makes this turntable more than the sum of its parts. It performs FAR better than one would think that an idler design turntable should. Its only flaw is that the cueing system often intrudes on the sound for the first few seconds after the needle has entered the groove. This is something to be aware of, if recording from this 'table. The removable cartridge carrier in the head-shell is a bonus, if you want to use more than one cartridge. It also has a very slick changer function, although I never used it. Some of these units were sold with a wood base with a drop-down front that had slots for the changer spindle, 45-rpm adapter, spare cartridges, etc. Parts remain widely available.

10/10 by trunrt

How can any turntable over 40 years old and being completely rebuilt with pocket change be less than a ten ? Sounds and works flawlessly !

8/10 by Erichkleiber

I have one from 1972 and still works very well! No problems and great sound

8/10 by Alex75

7/10 by LPTL081

I really like this turntable. It's far from being the best but I've had mine since 1971 and it still runs perfect, other than the usual TLC.

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