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Dual 1218 Reviews

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Dual 1218

Dual 1218

10/10 by P38Louis

My Dual 1218 is in the 7000 SN# reconditioned by Bill and plays great every day. Currently, use Shure 97ex cart with an LPGear ViVid stylist. Switching to Nagaoka 200. As it nears 50 years of service I'm only 68 years of rocking/jazz/Daf Punk/NightWish ect.

8/10 by paxos2003

Great table when maintained - great sound with older vintage cartridges - If the headshell needs to be replaced it can be tricky to set the tracking for single play - once adjusted and set up, the sound is well worth the headache. Especially bright and clean sounding table.

6/10 by Jimbuy

Pretty good sounding and it does just about everything. I gave mine away. I wish I still had it. It would have made a good back-up for my manual TT. But in those days I knew nothing about TT repair.

9/10 by youngf

One of the best tables Dual ever made. Definitely a true legend. Once proper overhauled, these will last a lifetime. The tonearm, with its four point gimbal bearing system can accommodate even the finest cartridges, and can still track even when the turntable is tipped from side to side!
Styling is very attractive and durable and it is very user friendly. If you can't afford a 1219, this is the alternative. It has a smaller platter, and slightly less robust construction than its bigger brother, but still has all you need.

8/10 by Fishtails

Out of the DUAL turntables i have used this is one of my favorites. With a good cartridge you can get some beautiful sound from the 1218. It also looks classy which helps. Smooth running and fantastic sound. Being an i delver drive there will be a bit of rumble, but surprisingly low on this model. Nice feature of 78rpm and anti skate.

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