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Dual 1216 Reviews

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Dual 1216

Dual 1216

8/10 by tubesaurus

the 1216 is a middle size idler wheel turntable. It can have a 150V motor , when it came out from a HS43 , just for info. It has fine speed adjustment, 3 speeds, and anti-skating for round and for elliptical stylus.
The only handicap which I see is the middle spindle which will not turn with the record, thatswhy I give 8 from ten points. In the service manual there are 2 different platters stated, one with 1,45kg and one with 1,9kg. I found that the motor bearings should get a good vacuum lubricaton with sinter bearing oil, after this it will run like new. And the auto-mechanism suffers under resinified lubricant as all the other old Dual changers. I recommend to read the service manual.

9/10 by gregj

I own 9 turntables acquired at estate sales, thrifts, etc. My Dual 1216 sat in storage for years while I reconditioned and fine tuned my AR XB, Pioneer 510-A, Elac 750h and a couple of others. I recently had the 1216 cleaned, lubed, and dressed the idler wheel. It now is my best sounding table: it's dead quiet with broad 3d sound stage, true sounding instruments and voices, reveals air and space around sounds. 460 gram platter weight enhances overall performance. Cart is Shure M91ED. Only has a 10 inch platter but still sounds fantastic for a 47-year-old table. Get one if you can find one.

8/10 by DSJR

A still 'sleeping' model this I think. it loses two marks out of 10 purely because of drive-noise being transferred to the speakers via the stylus. A clean idler wheel and carefully isolated and serviced motor is essential for good performance (rumble) of the turntable drive.

As for the rest, The tonearm is superb and able to track safely at a gramme or so, despite lacking the fancy gimbals of the bigger models further up in its range. The platter is a casting, so no magnetic interaction with any cartridge and the mechanism is gentle, but like the 1019 it's descended from, needs the cueing lever set to 'up' before engaging the mechanism if the lowering action at the end of the cycle isn't to be a bit abrupt for some cartridges.

I'm sure there are still a good few in US thrift stores. Well worth rescuing and carefully servicing.

8/10 by jelliott

I bought this turntable at a thrift store for $35 cdn. The lid is in almost perfect condition. I tightened up things that were loose and applied some lube to various points, installed cartridge etc. this is my #1 Dual turntable. A solid performer indeed.

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