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Dual 1215 Reviews

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Dual 1215

Dual 1215

9/10 by puma2u

I have a 1215S and used it for over 40 years. Still one of the best made ever. The signal detent switches ( which mute the sound when starting it) are the only actual problem I have ever had. They get worn in springyness and will not unmute correctly affecting the signal. (Easiest bypass is to cut off the tabs for the switches, which won't hurt the system, it just keeps the cartridge 'live' as it cycles)
I also had to have my motor hand re-wound once when one side of the rotating poles was going bad - and the only wire to do it was not metric, but it solved the problem. The idler can flat spot if not used - so I am told. Best advice: USE IT. It's a great turntable, and one of the very best of the time period. I'm using a period Shure M 91 EE cartridge on mine. Always excellent sound.

5/10 by mbetts

Inexpensive but quality vintage turntable. Set up right it will make most people on a budget happy.

9/10 by sgilzow

I purchased one used, with a little clean up and adjustment, it plays great.

9/10 by maggie93

Dual's budget model performs quite nicely - I aquired one for FREE in absolutely MINT condition.
Looks like it sat on a shelf untouched, since 1970.
After a thorough overhaul and calibration, I can't hear anything but music playing.

9/10 by vibecho

Lower end Dual with one piece tonearm and stamped platter. The surprising thing is that it works so well! Very little rumble and excellent trackability with an AT120E cartridge. Torquey motor with mechanical pitch control stays on speed and is very smooth and quiet.

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