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Dual 1209 Reviews

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Dual 1209

Dual 1209

8/10 by GvA

Fine machine, got it in a Dual HS50 with integrated amp and two way speakers in excellent condition and it sounds great. I am also running a 1212 and 1219 all on shure M71/75 with idler running noise being the main difference from the smaller 1212 to the big 1219. The 1209 comes quite close to the 1219 which is very silent for being idler driven.

8/10 by mark rooij

Sounds really great with a Shure v15 type lll or any shure cartridge that is good rated. Like the 75 or 95. Love this machine for its price. I've had a lot of turntables. Also a Thorens td124. That is a better table but the price between the two is enormous. It's probably in the same category as a Lenco L70/L75. Although I personally like the sound of the dual better. It's more alround sounding with more pronounced highs. Soundstage is also very good. For the small price you would pay a bargain. Maybe the 1219 or 1229 is nicer. Never heard them. But sometimes everybody says the same thing ;-)

9/10 by milo888

A beautiful looking turntable. Even people who know nothing about turntables recognize this as something special. I got mine recently in a non-working state. After servicing the automatic mechanism it runs quietly, switches work smoothly, and the heavy platter doesn't waver in speed. The sprung chassis is also perfect for my wooden floors, it doesn't skip when someone walks past. Every detail is perfectly engineered, from the internally sprung counterweight, to the headshell cartridge holder release latch which doubles as the tonearm lifter. What a machine!

8/10 by scjohn2008

Bought new in 1970 Reliable and still use. Now use with preamp on new AVR and new and better cables.

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