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Dual 1019 Reviews

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Dual 1019

Dual 1019

8/10 by Fasturd

I grew up listening to my Fathers Dual TT. We used the changer option all the time. Recently I came across an early 1019 on a teak plinth. It was loaded with a Shure M55E and according to the owner had right channel issues. After a 10 minute internet search I found the most likely solution, dirty sled contacts. I cleaned all the contacts and it is now playing fantastically it definately has a sound, very mellow as it sits right now. It will receive a full cleaning and lube in the near future. I am excited to see it in service with some other vintage gear! Rating it an 8 only because it hasn't reached its full potential yet.

10/10 by dualset84

Absolutely the best of the 10xx series and not only that because, many prefer 1219 or 1229 but they have many perishable plastic parts and a little more maintenance!

Dual 1019 is the best excellent choice to listen 33rpm and the beautiful old 78rpm.

Only small insignificant flaw is...... the 27cm plate, but with a new idler wheel and a good lubrication (made by an excellent technician in Italy Franco De Salvo) it will live a whole life like a real gem!

I'm a very enthusiastic Dual admirer...from Italy!

10/10 by Dr_Wu

When our final year of grad school ended, my friend and Dual 1019 owner decided he couldn't pack up and take it back to the east coast. Lucky for me, as he gifted it to me. I enjoyed it through the early 80s when, like most, I began collecting and listening to CDs. The Dual (and my records) went into the closet, where they stayed for 20 years. Last year, my awesome wife suggested we get the vinyl set up back out and enjoy it. After a perfect refurb by a local Dual fan and shop owner, I was pleased to discover that for all those years the 1019 had been fitted with a venerable AT12Sa cart, and Shibata stylus.

As others have said, the Dual is a dream to operate and it sounds fantastic. I see no need to look any further, although I have been itching to try some different carts. I forgot how much fun playing records is. Thank you, my dear!

10/10 by ArcMusic

I've been using a 1019 for a while now + have hardly touched the classifieds since. I use it with a plain old Shure M75 + they never disappoint.

10/10 by gmfgmf1

I have VPI Aries - Empire 598 MK III and Thorens TD-125 MK II and 3 dual 1019s. These Duals are excellent and so much fun to operate. Love the mechanical nature of this design. Easy recommendation for any system.

10/10 by systemBuilder

We had one from when I was 5 years old until I was 40. And now I have bought a new one, once again, at age 54. This is perhaps the best Do-All (sic) turntable to ever exist. It plays 16rpm, 33rpm(changer), 45rpm(changer), and 78rpm, all in a single table! It has fully automatic and fully manual mode. It takes up a TINY amount of space on your shelf, but it has a MASSIVE 7lbs 10-inch platter. They retailed for an incredible $140 (without base) brand new back in 1967. In the USA you can find at least 3 bases (United Audio, Dual, and a low-profile mahogany one with black painted top). It came with a massive 8-inch bubble top so you could stack 10 records on the changer and cover the turntable and play 3.5 hours of music!

In those early days turntables were a hobbyist pursuit as you had to assemble the wooden plinth, metal base, platter, and balance the tonearm (with built-in force meters), then install the cartridge, and tune up the speed (with included stroboscopic disc) to get a precision result. The turntable was something of a miracle for its time, able to track accurately at 0.5 grams tracking force, nothing else on earth could do that, way back when!!

My dad once told me, I got the 1019 because of you little kids, I thought the fully automatic model would help to preserve our records and he was right, of course.

10/10 by klirraudio

Great table with lots of prat, a great soundstage and built to last forever. Once fully serviced it will function flawlessly for decades

9/10 by LC9000

Please bare with me as I'm new to this site and I'm a re-born vinyl lover.

I simply have to mention this Dual 1019 turntable I inherited from my father about 5 months ago. It was the turntable I originally listened to music on when I was a child/ teenager so it has some sentimental value...but... It's changed how I listen to music now (and that's no small feat considering I work in music as a profession).

Getting it home, I was relieved to see that it still worked (albeit with a few minor not returning the tone arm once the record was done etc...) as it hasn't been used in over 15 years but has nary a scratch... well one in the corner...

I got it serviced from a guy who specializes in Dual turntables (and who remarkably lives relatively near me). I got a new Shure M97XE Cartridge and put on my first record in over 20 years on this turntable.

Only one thing I can!. It sounds great. I don't have an overly expensive audiophile system. Tube Pre (with volume attenuation $350), Genelec Self Powered Speakers (left over from my work and ok they were sort of expensive when I bought them about 10 years ago)...this record player ($350 to fix to spec or better and cartridge)...that's it.

This thing is a gentle as a butterfly but could take a beating from Ali (aah...back in the day...).
No real drawbacks as of yet.

If you find one of these that is in fairly decent shape, do yourself a favor and buy it.

That's all!

9/10 by vlamofoon

It was my first 'Fleemarket-bought' DUAL. (1984) After install of two new motorcasings, wich incorporate the bearings (they were worn) and cleaning the usual things like capstan, idlerwheel and its contact lining of the platter, it functioned flawless. If you take a close look at the (fine) mechanics, everyone with some technical touch can see that this TT is built like a Tank but it is as gentle with your records as possible even nowadays (2012!)
The Arm takes without any problems medium-compliance cartridges. Therefore it is perfect for MC types like Denon DL-110 with 1.8P tracking force.

Another not to forget use of the 1019 is its great abillity to play 78-rpm's. Even better as the post '70 DUAL's. Reason: The large tone-arm mass and max. needle-pressure creates the perfect condition for reproduction of 78 rpm's. Only disadvantage: severe non-centric 78's activate too soon the automatic shutdown. This can be modified by removing the arrette strip for automatic shutdown wich is attached bottom/centre around the hole for the spindle of the platter. (NOTE! This modification is drastic and not easy to reverse)

9/10 by Hugues TR4

Bought mine new back in '69 in Capetown for Sar 100.00 (The Rand was worth half a british Pound in those days).
Been using it for 10 years, then got myself a Marantz 6170 direct drive to modernize my combo, but kept it as a second table for home DJ and tape recording purpose.
Dug it out again a few years ago and decided to give it a full service and, why not some upgrade.
Bought a Shure M97xE with a Jico SAS stylus to replace the original M75MG D... can't part with it since!
Although I inherited two Thorens in the meantime (TD166 and TD146), the Dual remains my favourite TT I listen to practically every day. It is associated with a Marantz SR 430 receiver and a pair of Wharfedale Super Linton/W30D vintage speakers.
IMHO, the 1019 is the best ever made combination of a changer and a true HiFi turntable.

10/10 by djohnfot

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