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Dual 1015 Reviews

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Dual 1015

Dual 1015

8/10 by youngf

This unit was one of Dual's best in the mid sixties, topped only by the 1019. I pulled mine from a mid sixties Electrohome console, and found it to be in remarkable condition. The mechanism was still very clean and working perfectly. Dual did not make the mistake of overgreasing these like they did with the later 1200 models. There are a few snags with this model, however. The headshell contacts tend to act up. If you are going to be mainly using it for single play, a 30 degree angled shim is needed in the cartridge mount. The tonearm has to be lifted and positioned over the record before the manual lever is pushed, otherwise it won't stay engaged, which can be confusing if you are not aware of this feature. The long center spindle is usually missing the upper grippers, so all the records drop at once. I managed to repair this, but it was very tedious.
Though not a daily driver, this unit sits proudly among my Dual collection.

10/10 by lookingfine27

I purchase mine in 1967 or 1968. I have used this table since. I have had periods where I did not use for a long time. However I have only replaced the drive wheel (rubber) one time. This is a great unit!

Tom in Texas

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