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Dual 1009 Reviews

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Dual 1009

Dual 1009

10/10 by Myles1491

I purchased the 1009 in 1969 to be able to record music onto my AKAI 1800 Reel to Reel tape recorder, so it was necessary to install a pre-amp. The 1009 served my extremely well for the nine years I lived in Papua New Guinea as it was in nearly constant use as the Country did not have Radio local broadcasts and Television was an unknown word. Home generated entertainment was the only choice. Later I coupled a Sansui AU555 Amplifier with supporting Sansui SP1500 speakers to my system. I still today (2019) have the 1009 but I am currently using a Dual 1224 turntable purchased in 1977 with my Sansui system. Why change from Dual and Sansui - quality, robust, well built pieces of equipment which continues to serve faithfully. Best Wishes to All ...Myles...Australia

9/10 by fj2525vl

Good beginner of a total success 1XXX series.
Wonderful piece of engineering and with a good servier/maintenance an excellent player.

8/10 by doctor fuse

I adore this little changer.
I still listen to it, when I don't feel up to the earth-shattering intensity of my Thorens TD 160, but want a little more SLAM BANG! excitement than my polite and quiet Technics SL220.
I have the 1009 SK2 model.

5/10 by antoniojv

find today ny first german made turntable - DUAL 1009. My first impression is that it´s built like a tiger tank. Im very impressed with construction. User and service manual downloaded but still d´ont know how to remove platter, If someone can tell me how to remove platter just sent me a message.

10/10 by booneyrat

I picked up a cherry Dual 1009 from an estate auction with all the original hardware and a like new dustcover for $25.After a good cleaning and lube,it plays quite well with an original Shure M55E cartridge and N55E stylus. Just wish I could find an English owners manual to find out the proper settings.

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