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Denon DP-7F Reviews

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Denon DP-7F

Denon DP-7F

8/10 by Wirenut52

I've owned one of these since it was new, back in the late '80s. It still does the job, still sounds the same (actually has essentially no characteristic sound), and is the most user-friendly turntable I've ever owned. See my review of its sister turntable, the DP-11F (1/2 mount version) for a more detailed comparison of the two.

8/10 by mortimersnerd

I found this turntable at a thrift store for twenty bucks. I replaced the broken stylus and wow! It plays great. It is pre-adjusted with no apparent way, except for optional tone arm sub-weights, to change anything. But it is adjusted perfectly. Very light tracking force.

7/10 by mictod

Best feature: Simplicity. A no-frills, no-thrills functioning turntable that features a very accurate micro-quartz direct-drive that comes from the factory accurately tuned. The controls remain accessible with the dust cover lowered which is a real plus. It isn't the best looking unit, featuring black plastic and a dark smoke dust cover, and does not feature many adjustments to the tonearm or tracking. But for the buck, it is a reliable, easy to use performer. Not ever needing to change belts makes it a winner.

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