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Denon DP-59L Reviews

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Denon DP-59L

Denon DP-59L

10/10 by Noned-59

After a fully automatic JVC QL-Y3F which was a very good turntable, I decided to buy a DENON DP-59L for its very classy look. It is a marvel of precision and technology that offers exceptional quality of use and listening. A wonder!

10/10 by brummvinyl

I lately bought my Denon DP-59M turntable at Germany's E-bay. In mint condition, fully restored and functional. It's really a super spinner. With my mounted Denon 103R cartridge it sounds extremely musical on my Magnepans.7. I decided for this (harder to find) manual (M) model because I don't trust too much automation on a vintage turntable like this. It's a 110V model exclusively produced for the Japanese market. I bought a decent 220/110 step down transformer and because the turn table runs on 50/60 Hz, all speeds run perfectly in sync. If you’re looking for a great vintage turn table and you find a denon DP-59M (or L) in good shape, BUY IT! And make a big step into the 21th century! ;-)

10/10 by Peter4103

After searching for a good condition 59L, I have purchased one a week ago and have been setting it up with various carts to test the deck. Compared the deck with a 47F and a Kenwood KD 7010. Although the KD 7010 is a very comparable deck and already looks awesome, the Denon DP 59L looks just that bit nicer. Both have their pros and cons but overall I am really excited to finally have a DL 59L of my own. These deck become more expensive by the day it seems, now running between 1200 and 1500 Euro (approx 1200-1600USD.) I ended up using my ZYX R100 Fuji cart on it, which is a spectacular combination and completely blows it out of the water. Powerful, but also fragile and tender when it needs to be. Very well balanced highs and deep lows. If you ever have the chance to buy a DP 59L in good condition, go for it!

10/10 by rockfan52

I still have my DP 59L that I bought almost 30 years ago and it still performs flawlessly. I wouldn't part with it!

9/10 by BJacobsen

I am now the proud owner of not only the 59L but also a 59M. Paired with a Denon PRA 2000 preamp these things sound wonderful!

10/10 by winniethepooh

An absolute reliable record player in high quality swanky rosewood finish and look & feel for easy & daily use. In its kind surely one of the very best of the 80s

9/10 by caputto70

A wonderfull turntable that still works after 25 years. Quality! Sound? Good, but I think you can buy something cheaper that sounds as good as this one. But this one looks so good.
Sound 8
Quality 10
Second hand value 12(you have to pay more than the price new to get one second hand)

10/10 by yeigh

This is the turntable that got me back into vinyl. Now sitting in my mom's living room providing music for her.
I have since moved on but still think about buying another Denon due to the convenience.

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