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Denon DP-47F Reviews

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Denon DP-47F

Denon DP-47F

10/10 by maurofanelli8

This has been my main turntable for over 6 years. I have tried Thorens, Dual, Pioneer ETC.... Nothing comes close to the precision and soundstage that this deck presents!!! It is dead quiet, has excellent grounding as well as almost no rumble nor wow and flutter at all. Even though it has a-lot of automation when you first approach it which may make it seem like there is not room for adjustment, this all changes once you take a second glance. When you get into adjusting the tonearm using a proper protractor as well as getting your cartridge aligned properly the rest is nothing but pure sublime reproduction of most, if not all source material presented to it. I have found that for best results I use a Anti-Static Slip-Mat as well as a Record Weight in order to keep my vinyl firmly adhered to the platter. The Direct-Drive Servo system makes up for the added weight, so speed and pitch is not an issue. Match it with an excellent Phono-Preamp and you are off to the races!!! A+++

10/10 by d3non

This turntable made me fall in love with my record collection again.
Beautiful looks, flawless full automatic operation and above all a sound that makes you feel what music is all about.
I bought it recapped with a very nice Denon DL-301 (MK I) cartridge; a revelation after over two decades with a so-so Rega Planar 2 (that slowly fell apart).

7/10 by theaudiohiffle

I think a lot of the reviewers here have never ever used another fully automatic turntable. There is not a thing that this turntable does that the others (think Dual 701, for instance) do not do; the only difference is that this one does moves the arm with servo motors rather than mechanical linkages.

That said, this is a darn decent turntable and arm. It was designed at a time when high compliance mm cartridges were the rage, so its low-medium mass tonearm best suits that type of cartridge, which thankfully includes many of the most popular mm's ever made .... Shure V series, ADC's XLM series, Audio Technica's AT9x series, etc. I have yet to try it with my medium compliance Accuphase AC-2 mc cartridge, but in theory its servo dampling should make any mismatch less severe than on a conventional arm.

As a final remark; the one place that my Dual or previous completely manual tables does better than the 47f is deep, deep bass reproduction. Perhaps the servo damping is not a complete replacement for mechanical damping, but the bass doesn't seem to reach as deep or be as defined as on more conventional arms that have proper resonance ranges.

All in all, a convenient and very decent turntable. As a start it and forget it TT in my second system, it fills the bill.

9/10 by Hulk_bx

This turntable explains why the Denon name is legend. Just a superb turntable for this class. Design and engineering is super precise. Automatic performance is top notch. If you can find one in good condition, don't hesitate. Tone arm is straight arm excellence. You zero it out and then let the microprocessor do the rest. It will apply the correct tracking weight and anti-skate. You set this with the 2 little dials. I prefer manual tables where you perform all the settings, but this works flawlessly. Will be sad the day the circuit board goes. But since it is Japanese built, it might put me in the grave first. LOL!

10/10 by craveman2

Stunning in your face 80s star wars styling at its best. No matter what angle you view from its fab.
Super smooth action as the tone are gently glides onto the vinyl and totally silent. I have the dark rosewood with high gloss finish. Audio Technica 120e cartridge compliments the deck and it sounds great. One of the best full auto turntables ive ever owned and its a pleasure to use. It sits quite happily amongst the Mid to high range decks where spec is concerned and in todays highly inflated prices you would have to pay well over £1500 to equal it and this was built in around 1983. A GEM.

10/10 by anatol evdokimov

I use one and a half year, I experience only positive emotions. Excellent sound, quiet in operation, simple settings, convenient to use and beautiful appearance.

10/10 by crobinson1965

This by far my favorite turntable and I have 13. Easy to use, never an issue. I too have the black buttons with rosewood and love all the features, high end look and sound.

10/10 by Lembecker

Very highly recommended and much underrated turntable. It simply looks to normal judged from a high-end view. I am using it for many years now with an Audio Technica AT33PTG cartridge. Never heard any better turntable that looks so simple. The specs are stunning: S/N 78dB and W/F 0.01%. Quite hard to beat. Even by much more elaborate systems. This turntable is dead quiet in any way. Operation is absolute smooth. No matter if you use the automatic or the manual mode. The servo tracer tone arm is brilliant. The electronic tracking force setting is spot on (checked with digital gauge). Anti skate is set by the turntable itself. No need to fiddle with dials. The soundstage is simply stunning. Wide, clean, detailed and precise. If you have a chance to get one - go for it!

10/10 by schi3098

This was my main TT since the late 80s I replaced it with a Rega P3-24 about 8 years ago - what a mistake! This table is perfectly silent, incredibly precise, forgiving and seems to live forever - I gave it to my friend Lyndsey - so now her and her husband are using it to teach their child about music. I just got rid of the Rega - I think it is overrated and poorly made.

9/10 by komet

Bought one these awhile back on CL for a song from a guy who didn't know what he had! Said he bought it on ebay but it never sounded right? Well the reason why was pretty obvious...the cantilever on the AT130E cartridge was bent...Dah! Anyway it was in good overall condition except for a lot of dust, some white substance splashes here and there, and some cracks in the dust cover. It cleaned up real nice and looks great with it's Rosewood veneer plinth and black accents. I and fitted it with a new Grado Silver 1 cartridge and and sounds real good....but still not in the same as it's older DP-62L brother which I've owned new since 1983. I suspect this is so for a couple of reasons. One is build quality, the DP-62L has a much more solid feel to it with a heavier plinth. Second both it's straight and S tonearms are longer than the DP-47F which accounts for less tracking error which is evidenced with less inner groove distortion on the DP-62L especially towards the inner album tracks!
But all and all you can't go wrong with a DP-47F especially compared to some of the Toys they are selling for turntables today!

10/10 by Peter4103

Great table. I have one fitted with the DL 103D cartridge, which is a killer combination. One of the best turntables ever build by Denon and certainly nothing less than the DP 59L. Benefit of the 47F is the fully automated system, which also automatically recognizes record size and speed. Very convenient and avoids accidental damage to the cartridge.

10/10 by robrudolph

Very easy to use, very easy to look at (I have the rose wood version), and easy to listen to!

10/10 by Yordanv

10/10 by luckyz

Excellent stuff. Reminds me of a classy CD player when looking at its silver buttons:) Fabulous sound, easy operation.

5/10 by newmafi

One of the best automatic turntables I've got. On top of the music played, silky and dead quiet mechanism is just fantastic. It deserves such excellent feedbacks!

9/10 by skeeve

One of my favorite turntables that I owned for past 17 years without a problem. Mine has the black control panel version matched with a Yamaha MC-1s cartridge which looks nice alongside its much older brother the DP-1200.

10/10 by AxEffects

One very solid performer. Fantastic sound & staging. Solid and tight, large bass, not muddy, great mids and highs. I use a DL-103R and this thing just plain rocks.

10/10 by ilozv

My favourite and everyday table. I use i with a Denon DL110 cartidge - and I don't think I will ever need an other turntable. I just love it.

10/10 by lp-3000

10/10 by neomammut


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