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Denon DP-45F Reviews

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Denon DP-45F

Denon DP-45F

10/10 by Asho

I’ve had my dp45f since about 1985. I still have the original box, packing, receipts and user manual. I bought it to replace my AR xb1 and xb2 which were stolen. I used it for only a year or two before moving to CDs. I packed it back into its packaging and mothballed it for about 30years along with about 1000 albums collected from the mid 60s to mid 80s. When my 19yo daughter got hooked on the current retro trip, I pulled everything back out and set it up again. Before doing so I took it to a turntable specialist service guy to have it tested out. The verdict was, no work needed, perfect original operation checked out including original DL60 cartridge and stylus. He simply dusted it out and replaced leads with high quality fresh copper and plugs. Even the cover is still bright, glossy plastic with no scuffs. Totally stoked to be spinning it again. Only drawback is that it won’t cue my Cheech and Chong’s 45th anniversary single ‘Up in Smoke’ as it’s on clear vinyl in the shape of a cannabis leaf and not circular. Completely throws the auto cue out - completely understandable considering the subject. A brilliant hassle free turntable.

5/10 by Kenb

How do I find the year of manufacture of my Denon DP-45F
Have the serial no but I have searched and can not find any information on year built thanks any help appreciated

10/10 by LN Cree

Bought my DP45F new in 87 I think in Germany to match my Onkyo and Klipsch setup and to pair with a very nice Realistic TT. Just loved the sound of it and ease of use. It's survived tons of parties and never let me down. It was in mothballs for about 15 years til I finally brought it bac k over to europe last year and whaddya think?
Forgot to switch the mains selector from 110V to 220V, and smoked the transformer.
My heart sank, but have never taken the time to source a replacement transformer til i found this forum.
Before I f**ked it up it was a solid 10 star TT! Hopefully it will be again shortly.

8/10 by couldbfishin

I have had a DP-45F since 1985 with a Denon DL-300 cartridge and it has served me well. I recently purchased on eBay a non-working DP-45F for parts. The dust cover was in better shape than my original. It showed up looking so nice, that I sent it to a Denon authorized service center to have it serviced so I could put it to work. The table was running counter clockwise of all things. I have a Dual 1229Q and a Marantz 1600, and while I like them, the Denon DP-45Fs are my favorite. Very smooth automatic operation, quiet, excellent tracking and speed control. I have never had a problem with the original, and have never had it cleaned or serviced. I recommend them if you can find a clean and well taken care of unit.

4/10 by LarsTomasson

While this turntable is ok if you get it cheap, be aware it is an automation nightmare. It has 5 circuit circuit boards inside it, tracking force and anti-skate are both electronic. Build quality is typical high volume consumer electronics lots of plastic and particle board. I paid $13 for mine with an OM10 cartridge. If it stops working there are no salvagable parts except the cartridge and maybe the platter mat. I do not recomend this turntable to anyone unless you get it dirt cheap and it still works.

9/10 by yamaha freak1

Great turntable! Very quiet smooth atuto operation,in my home it has become my favorite ever so far!
I listen to mostly classic rock, loudly!Very resistant to feedback, no rumble,low wow n flutter allows a beautiful spatial soundstage,clear,correct sounding.Bought used with a super sounding Pickering? its brown D9E Stylus? Currently Yamaha C80 M50 GenesisII Upgraded by Human also 2 different Advents via an Yammy M45.I may sell my longtime (former) favorite YPD6 Yam for another Denon?

10/10 by GWIZZ1950

Simply a great fully automatic turntable! I have owned mine for more than 14 years.

9/10 by AxEffects

I own four Denon tables, a DP-62L, two DP-47F, and a DP-45F. I've had the DP-45F since 1986 and it has given me much love over the years. Lots of great memories and good times. It has traveled the world with me. I lived in Europe for four years and it went with me with it's multi-voltage selector! Considering the other Denon company it keeps here in my home, this turntable is no slouch and I'm hard pressed to hear a difference between it and the 47 model with same cartridge setups. I think the larger plinth and heavier platter on the 47 and 62 help with resonance issues, and I do prefer them to the 45, but, in a world without the 47 and 62, the 45 would certainly be a keeper. Hell, after 28 years, I suppose it's a keeper by default!

10/10 by brut60

Best TT I have owned. I have it matched with a Shure M97xE and it sounds fantastic. Easy set up is also a plus.

9/10 by cat9

Purchased a 1 owner DP-45F a little over a year ago and after a thorough check-up at a very reputable electronics shop had a Denon DL301MII cart installed and have enjoyed it's performance ever since.

Very nice sounding table and functions beautifully.

10/10 by taturana

great TT, have mnyself a pair of them... very nice!

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