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Denon DP-37F Reviews

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Denon DP-37F

Denon DP-37F

10/10 by albee213

Great looking, silent, fully automatic and sounds great. SPECs are solid, motor has very low wow and flutter. For me this this is about the perfect turntable. Someday I will upgrade to the DP-47f but if I never find one for the right price this one will be just fine.

10/10 by Algaer

I own a Denon DP-37F that I purchased new back in 1984. It is still in mint condition. I have a Fidelity Research MC44 cartridge mounted on it and the sound is extraordinary. I have owned a Dual 1245 , Thorens 160 and an AR manual turntable as well as others and the DP-37F is the best turntable that I have ever owned or operated. At present you would need to spend at least $2000.00 to approximate it's precision and performance. This turntable obviates the need for manual operation although it performs flawlessly in this regard as well.

8/10 by mrjosera

Very good automatic turntable with no comparison with any current stuff at three times its price !!!!!

10/10 by spot245

Hard to fault in any way , initially skeptic about computerized damping , but performance is incredible with the best tracking ever encountered & no compromise to audio.
'the strongest point of the DP-37F, the one that distinguishes it from most other fine turntables, is the effective servo-control of its arm dynamics. This feature simultaneously reduces the low-frequency arm/cartridge resonance and makes the player nearly immune to the jarring associated with operating its controls or that can result from a less than optimally rigid supporting surface. The DP-37F is a fine record player whose performance matches its good looks and ease of operation'

10/10 by lcartau

Very easy to use. Performance and silence ! Underated as never.

8/10 by eamonhegerty

I recently purchased a Project Debut Carbon with an Ortofon 2M Red but had a chance to pick up a mint condition Denon DP-37F for only $150. I'm going to immediately upgrade the stock cartridge to a MC Denon DL-110 (on order) but until it arrives the Denon is bags of fun so it can only get better with the sonic improvement the new cartridge will deliver.

8/10 by Hausekar

Totaly underated TT! In my TT cup it have lived through 4-5 suposedly better TT.

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