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Denon DP-30L Reviews

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Denon DP-30L

Denon DP-30L

10/10 by Daxxxx

A great turntable, really underestimated. I love the way it works, very solid, reliable, still easy to use and beautiful . sound? ... With the right cartridge WTH... Definetive. I don't know how much it cost at that time around 1980 but I think was quite expensive, now you can find for chips.. A shame . Denon is one of my favorite brand cos they ever built significant appliances. I guess this turntable will be more considered, it deserves, a LOT.

9/10 by cbaker19

This player sounds great to me. I got it for free paired with a DL-301. When I saw the Craigslist post during my lunch I just left work for the day to drive up to the next state to get it. I had to get a Little Bear step-up transformer to use the mc cartridge on my Sherwood S-7910 wih Klipsch Forte II's. This combo gives me a set-up I always choose amongst my TT's. I guess the thing that would make it better would be full automation.

10/10 by Towiko

Bought a few months ago a refurbished one, equipped with a DL-80 MC cartridge (clear, bit sharp maybe). Underestimated, my repairer/seller declared. Indeed, it is. Its DD start-up is fabulous. Easy to switch from 33 to 45. Absolutely reliable, including the auto-lift (I hate those modern machines with their help-yourself-speed change belts and no automatic stop) Also interesting: the turn table is recessed. No complaints so far. Price? € 275 as if new.

8/10 by ChrisHyde76

I recently refurbished one of these with an Ortofon OM10. I also had the crappy looking old RCA's cut off and replaced with soldered on Monsters. Thanks to John @ Surround Sounds in Exton, PA for an excellent job. This table sounds great. Soooo much better than digital! Vinyl is final!

9/10 by dmiller303

I purchased a Denon DP-30LII (straight tone arm) in the mid-80s, paired with a Signet TK7-Lca cartridge. I loved it then, and I love it still. I have just recently unpacked this unit from storage and started playing vinyl records again. The DP-30L appears to have aged very gracefully over the nearly 30 years I have owned it, probably because its playing time was very limited before I migrated to CDs in 1986 or so. At this point in my life I could afford a new deck, but it appears that I would need to spend upwards of $1500 to get the equivalent of this unit, based on specifications alone. I realize that specs are just part of the story, the sound is the final product to judge, but I am very satisfied on that score as well. The convenience and safety of auto-lift at the end of LP play that the DP-30L and other L-series Denons employed is another factor in my overall satisfaction. I recall far too many times in my earlier days with another turntable when I became distracted or fell asleep and left the stylus grinding away on the inner grooves of the LP for hours. It seems like auto-lift is very rare on new turntables, which I find perplexing because it does not add significantly to complexity and provides important protection for the stylus. Glad I have it on this TT anyway. I also appreciate direct drive, or more precisely, the lack of drive belts that age and stretch and eventually need to be replaced (if you can find the right belt, that is). In the 20+ years that I have been away from vinyl, it appears that belt drive has won the contest over direct drive but I think the Denon system is excellent.

While the DP-30L is not a deck that will immediately impress your friends, I think it represents a very cost-effective design with great performance and user-friendly features. I've seen posts on some forums from people claiming they bought this deck for less than $20 US at garage sales or good-will stores. If you find a unit at that price that is working properly, I'd say grab it and run with a big smile.

8/10 by anmpr1

I used one of these in a secondary system for a couple of years. For a cheap deck it was surprisingly well constructed. Mine had an S tonearm that looked suspiciously like an OEM Jelco (later models used a straight arm) . The base was a resin-like material that was fairly dead, acoustically. The drive wasn't the most sophisticated (no quartz PLL), but it wasn't plain-jane either, using the Denon magnetic tape-head tachometer system, if I recall. Matched with a Denon 103D (which cost more than the deck) it made very respectable music.

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