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Denon DP-300F Reviews

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Denon DP-300F

Denon DP-300F

9/10 by markphono

Have owned 3 years and really like this turntable. It is good out of the box but can be easily upgraded with a few things. LP Gear makes a nice eliptical stylus that slips right into the existing cart. Also, new isolation feet, and a nice platter weight make this a very good sounding turntable. The Ortofon red and blue are great carts. I bought several extra heads when I purchased the turntable so easy to exchange. Listen a lot to this table and like it as much as my Yamaha, Phillips, and other vintage tables and gear. Great table for the price!!

8/10 by PseudoShooter

I have been using vintage TTs for a few years now (back after a 30 year absence) and felt it was time for a brand-new one.

After reading a ton of positive reviews, I pulled the trigger on the Denon. I bought it from Amazon and received it just before Christmas. I replaced the stock cart with a Ortofon OM20 I had removed from my Dual 505.

I spun it up for the first time and...chipmunks. Damn.

After some googling, I found that some of them had left the factory without the speed pots being adjusted. I'm glad I had a strobe wheel laying around.

After installing a strobe app onto my phone and figuring out how deep to push the screw driver into the guts of the plinth, I finally got the speed set. I wasn't too happy at Denon's QA department though. I came close to returning it just on principal.

After some reflection, I decided to keep it. It really does sound great and it compliments my audio rack nicely. Hopefully it will last a few years or more...

9/10 by robtip1965

I bought the Denon after a lot of research as a part of a separate system in my living room. I already have a Technics Sl23 as a set up in another room. After years of purchasing older used equipment I decided I wanted a completely new set up and also wanted the convenience of an auto start and return. I compared the Denon and a Pioneer PL30 and both are very similar in price and appearance. I eventually plumped for the Denon when it was on sale at £237 rather than the £299 price so it was an even better deal than I had expected.

It looks good and sounds good, I have bought a separate head-shell and fitted an Ortofon 2m red cartridge which improves the detail over the original spherical one which in fairness sounded ok for everyday listening.

It isn't as substantial as my older gear but I am very happy with the sound quality through a Marantz PM6005 amplifier and Dali Zensor 1 speakers. They are all still bedding in but improving all the time. The room is around 14 x 12 feet and this set up is just right for power and volume.

So, I would happily recommend the Denon DP300, and am looking forward to upgrading to a Denon 2M Blue when I can sneak it past my wife!

9/10 by gene_64

My Pioneer PL530 started mis-behaving and it was time for it to finally retire. I searched the internet reviews and paid visits to the few remaining Audio stores in my area to decide which deck would be my next. One thing I could not live with would be a manuel turntable. I don't mind dropping the arm, but not lifting it. I was first focused on a myriad of Vintage tables at various locations and then began to look at the lower end Rega & Project tables.
After searching online reviews in this price range I saw the Denon DP300F getting good reviews and decided to add Denon to my choices. A good portion of the negative feedback that I found on the Denon was directed at its cartridge. A cartridge upgrade was definitely on the agenda for me, so I elected to order the Denon from Amazon.
This table sounds better than my vintage Pioneer pl530. Will it last as long...probably not even close. I very happy with my choice. With some of the money I saved by going to the DP300F, I purchased three additional head shells and three additional carts. I have been running this table with a Shure M97xe, an
AT120e, and a Denon DL110 and Ortofon 2m Blue. I have recently added a JICO-SAS to the Shure cart. Wow really nice! They all sound great, with slightly different coloring, etc. but the JICO SAS on the Shure is awesome The Shure was on the pioneer deck before it retired. If you are looking at this price point, including a cartridge upgrade, you will not be disappointed with the Denon DP300 F. I have made numerous modifications to the Denon 300 f table. Silicon caulk applied to the bottom of the plinth with the same on the chassis portion. Additional dampening to the feet, surgical tubing on portions of the tone arm, plasti-dip applied to the bottom of the aluminum platter, a record weight made of wood, vinyl, and rubber, a rubber coated shim to fill the shallow counterbore on the face of the platter, (.020 thick), plus the cartridge overhang / line up is spot on, set up with precision measuring equipment. I truly believe that I would have to spend tons of extra money to eclipse this setup due to the diminishing returns scenario. I am running this table with a cambridge phono stage, Pioneer SC55 receiver as a preamp for two Emotiva, 250 watt mono block amps powering a pair of Paradigm Studio 100 v5 speakers. I believe this to be a smooth running table with a very capable tone arm assembly, a great table to to modify and enjoy. Start with the Cart. and have fun.

8/10 by radewey

Best automatic arm table I've ever used, and that includes a Dual. Obviously it's not as well constructed as a Dual so it may not last 35+ years, but it's been on the market for a long time and does the job and does it very well. Would get another star if a version without pre-amp was offered. Since the lower-end Technics tables are no longer made, this one is a worthy successor.

8/10 by KI2000

I have this one and it's running fine with a crisp audio quality. To obtain the quality, you should replace the cartridge by for example an Ortofon Red / Blue. The standard cartridge sounds a little flat.

5/10 by walcai

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