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Denon DP-3000 Reviews

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Denon DP-3000

Denon DP-3000

9/10 by CJFenworthy

This was the best turntable I ever owned. Considering I owned a SOTA Sapphire, that is saying something. The DP-3000 was rock solid on speed. The speed regulation was so stable, a Seiko tachometer confirmed that the walking I was seeing on the strobe was coming from the Tesla designed alternators used by the power company, not from the turntable. People who have never been to an electricity generating plant imagine that the 60Hz current from the socket is perfect. It isn't. The Tesla alternators use a print, recover, synchronize system that ensures that the current from the alternators is synced to the other alternators in the plant. They are not synchronized to a timing standard, except in the roughest sense. The stainless post and bronze oil impregnated bearing does eventually wear out. Since Nippon Columbia designed the DP-3000 as an RIAA Broadcast Quality turntable, that bearing will last a home user forever. The DP-3000 was built to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an actual radio broadcast station for years. If a home user can shell out that kind of abuse, I'm a Gremlin from the Christmas movie. There are other specification the DP-3000 meets. The motor torque is sufficient to bring the turntable to full speed within 1/4 turn from a dead stop. Old-fashioned DJs would back cue a record by setting the stylus into the groove, manually turning the disc until the music started, then turning the record in reverse 1/4 turn. When he announced the song, he hit the 45 button on the turntable, and that turntable was supposed to be up to speed by the time the music started. One quarter turn from a dead stop. That's RIAA spec for a broadcast turntable.

10/10 by Fatboyriding

So I purchased a DP-3000 more out of curiosity given the previous reviews, and it has a SME 3009 fixed headshell arm. What I find really impressive is the tonal quality this TT presents, it is rock solid with really deep bass, and an excellent sound stage. Given its age it is in superb condition, and the beech plinth is really superbly built. Another one of Japan's gems!

8/10 by slabadabada

have one setup with the original arm and a VMS30ii did not expect it to be so good: a keeper

10/10 by blockhead10

I have this turntable mounted in the beech plinth supplied by Denon. With a SME 3009 Series 2 and V15VxMR cartridge fitted, I haven't heard anything better, except for a SME 20 and SME V, but the difference was only marginal. If you can find one, you won't regret it.

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