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Denon DP-23F Reviews

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Denon DP-23F

Denon DP-23F

8/10 by tubesaurus

this DP23F is a amazing piece of technology.
I got one with a DL80, the needle is in good condition. For the table size and weight, I found it has a good bass reproduction, and the rest is very clean.

8/10 by drwebb

I really like the idea of the servo tracer tonearms, using a feedback circuit to control the tracking force via emf rather than fancy 27-jeweled-swiss-precision-gimballed-bearing-suspensions on high end mechanical systems. This delivers good audio performance with the convenience of fully automatic operation. I know it will accurately track even noticeably warped records with no subsonic distortion, and will probably walk away from most competitors that listed under $500 at the time (which is probably zero fully automatic decks made by anyone other than Denon). Bought one originally in 1990, which lasted 4-6 years, then the tonearm controller started returning to rest whenever trying to start play, and $250 for the factory to replace the IC controller wasn't in the cards. I picked up a second-hand one recently, but the start button is worn out, so it's essentially a semi-auto player. So my verdict is it's a great player, but not very durable or serviceable compared to mechanical players. Now that Denon is showing some interest in record players again, it's a pity they won't revisit the servo-tracer approach. It really delivers bang-for-the-buck performance among midrange units, but I suspect many customers rediscovering LPs are looking backwards instead of forward.

5/10 by CurtC

I found one of these in an antique store that was in excellent cosmetic condition. I paid $35 for it. Unfortunately, the auto return didn't function. However, I got it repaired for $60 and now I find that I have an excellent table. Well worth the money I have in it.

8/10 by Greenienet

Interesting TT. You set the tracking force as usual then the electronics (apparently) will set bias for you. I tested this with an old stereo setup record and it's certainly making a good stab at it.

The TT is vastly improved by taking care it's absolutly level and by adding sorbothane pads on its feet, bass response much better defined. Mine works best with an ADC xlm at 1.2gm or (strangely) with a Garrard GM50C at 2gm which is great for 45s and 12 singles.

8/10 by Nkrumah

Just picked this one up in great condition, replacing my Audio-Technica LP 120. Compared to the AT, it sounds a little more flat, less lively. However, the auto feature works so seamlessly that I'm keeping this one.

The AT has much more mass, and I removed the USB card and added a ground wire. This modification made it sound much brighter. I also upgraded the cartridge to the Shure 97x. The Denon came with the well regarded Denon 160 MC, but it sounded a little soft to me, perhaps because it was just too old and worn, I don't know. But installing the Shure on the Denon, while increasing volume, only increased the brightness a little, so I assume it's a characteristic of the table and tonearm. Still, it sounds very quiet, no hum, unlike the AT, and has no platter wobble, also unlike the AT. I look forward to trying a higher quality cartridge on it.

The tonearm is its most unusual feature and biggest drawback, depending on your perspective. It sets the tracking force mechanically somehow (you adjust a dial) and you have to trust that everything works as tested at the factory since you cannot measure anything. I tried various levels and noticed no difference in sound, so set it to 1.5 as recommended by Shure. It is easy to balance, just turning the weight at the end until the arm floats level.

The number one best thing about this table is that I can walk away and forget about it if I want.

10/10 by izzy69

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