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Denon DP-15F Reviews

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Denon DP-15F

Denon DP-15F

8/10 by Greenienet

Capable of really good sounds. I now have two of these and though plasticy in that 80s sort of way the Denon quality is there. Check all electronics work before purchase, note the front panel switches can often be returned from the dead with a squirt of switch cleaner. Regarding the limit on cart weight, I sanded the plinth area behind the arm assembly on one of mine to enable the weight more room to cope with a 'heavy' Shure m55e. My other runs an Ortofon 2m red, tracks and sounds heavenly.

9/10 by 2002afan

Original owner since the mid eighties. Can't remember what the original cartridge was. Replaced with a Shure VST III in the early nineties. Recently installed a M97xE. At first was too heavy. Counterweight adjustment did the job. Denon spec says up to 6 grams for DP-15F. Shure spec says 6.6 grams for M97xe. cartridge. VST III weighed 6.6 grams also. Guess I'm lucky and I played CDs 90% of the time.
Took awhile for the M97xE to break in. Starting to sound real nice. Don't remember the VST III sounding as good. Turntable has been bulletproof over the years.

8/10 by wolfie62

For its size and price, this is a very good, bulletproof little turntable! It's very quiet, the servo takes care of your warped records and allows difficult carts to track with ease. Easy to find heavily discounted unit on eBay. ONLY QUIBBLE: It only allows carts that weigh 4-6 grams. The Shure M97xE is too heavy for it. And....the counterweight will hit the back wall of the plinth if it is screwed too far out of the tonearm. This is a GREAT starter turntable for a noobie to spinning vinyl, however.

10/10 by izzy69

Cannot fault this one. Nice sound. Low W/F. S/N ratio at 78db. Solid and accurate Quartz lock. Even the original cartridge for this TT sounds great.

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