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Clearaudio Ambient Reviews

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Clearaudio Ambient

Clearaudio Ambient

8/10 by mudwolf

I actually have the Ambient Solo which has a separate round motor that sits in a back left cut out of a wider form of this plinth, because my shelf couldn't accommodate the larger motor pictured. This was a good upgrade from previous table, I think it is stunning, very solid construction, heavy and works beautifully. The arm is a no fuss type, once set don't need to mess with it. Dealer inserted my DV XX2 cartridge, what he pointed out was having separate motor housing and the heavy platter is supported on a spindle that has 2 magnets that repel each other so there is no vibration, very smooth rotation, you can press down a bit on the platter and it pops back up. I've had it had it 5 years. I thought the sound is great, lots of detail, if I change one thing it would be a warmer natural sounding cartridge. My rack has wide aluminum supports on the sides and having the aluminum in the deck it just looked so beautiful. My dealer solved the problem of no cover by giving me a Gyro cover which is open and rests on the platter like a record and the right side is up and over the arm tho at a slight angle, not squared. Enough protection so the arm doesn't get bumped. I have to dust the table regularly and carefully. I got a lot of complements on the design, tho listening is almost a solitary affair, and I was well pleased with a night of vinyl.
I rated it 8 because I know there are better, and more expensive, decks out there. It is German engineering.

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