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CJ Walker CJ 55 Reviews

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CJ Walker CJ 55

CJ Walker CJ 55

10/10 by sv1dpp

Fantastic TT. The Linn killer!!

9/10 by Noggin

I have just taken mine out of storage after some 20 years and it play beautifully. Has a Linn Basik LV V arm and a Nagaoka MP 11 borum cartridge (looking to change the cartridge or stylus). Rock solid speed and perfect suspension and whisper quiet. I bought it new in around 1982 with a Crimson Elektric 510 pre amp and 530 power amps which I have also just taken out of storage and they sound terrific together. About 3 years after buying it I bought a Linn LP12 and put the CJ55 in storage. A year later I sold the Linn and replaced it with a Michell Gyrodec which I then sold about 10 years ago. Memory may be playing tricks but I think the CJ55 played through the Crimson amps sounds much better than either of the other 2 decks.

10/10 by peter4pm

i just bought one of these love the sound but find it not good on the vibration side of things ...Any tips ?

8/10 by antaresbluespirit

If you appeciate the music and not only the Hifi,the CJ55 is one of the best TT product achieved by the british cottage industry in the eighties at the half of price of the reference mentioned above!open soundstage,neutral,sense of the rythm...

10/10 by edan68

Hi ,I've just got a CJ WAlker CJ55 that has been stored away for a while (10yrs +) ,I think it needs a service is there anybody that does this ,Im in the Manchester area .It does work and sounds excellent but the speed is a tad temperamental ,any advice would be appreciated ,thanks .

9/10 by desertdog

A really nice sound far underestimated. A Linn sondeck with all the mods done still won't beat it on sound quality. Posted 2015

9/10 by george11

Very good tt, not as good as full loaded linn, but far better than plain lp12. Very natural sound. I have it over 15 years and still using it side by side with a thorence td124 mark 2. It loaded with an upgraded rb300.

9/10 by lcartau

A forgotten star. Better than old LP12. I use it with a Helius Scorpio arm for a during the day use. And it's a fantastic table! Best value for low price.

9/10 by Brick

I love this table! Its hardwood suspension and simple design make it a quiet, solid table that is ideally suited to arm changes.

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