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CEC BD-3200 Reviews

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CEC BD-3200

CEC BD-3200

10/10 by ApacheC

10/10 by turntableguru

A wonderful suspended turntable with a very competent static arm reminiscent of an ACOS. These were most commonly sold in the United States in Audio Shops as the Project One 220 with a slight variation on cosmetics. I have always been a fan of suspended tables. Anyone who has owned a Rega or its zillion clones like Musichall or Pro-ject (no relation) knows you need to invest in all kinds of isolating products just to help the arm trace a complete side of an LP without bouncing up and down because your significant other bounded into the room. Not so with suspended tables. They will play in any environment and will not multiply inherent dustcover resonances as do Rega clones or Pioneer PL-512's do.

This table produces a tight uniform bass note and just a subtle warmth to the mids. Highs are crisp and well defined and it presents an overall exceptional soundstage and presence. If I where looking for a turntable on the pre-owned market and did not wish to pay the over inflated prices the Hitachi Marantz's bring or wanted something a little more substantial and better thought out than a run of the mill Rega clone, I would look no further. These are a GOLDEN GEM and will easily best most anything else that came from Japan or Germany from this era. I will go this far to say that this is the sonic equal to many tables that knock around used for north of $400 dollars on those internet bay sites. Look no further. This will not disappoint!

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