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Braun PS 500 Reviews

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Braun PS 500

Braun PS 500

8/10 by fj2525vl

A great tt performance with a retro look that makes a lovely piece in whatever music ambience

5/10 by huatlim

the ps500 stands amongst the best mechanical samples produced by dieter ram design and braun. the os430 share the same measurements but has no speed or regulator lgt to check rpms. the lever st the bsck of the ps430 does a trick but mostly produces rumble. the os 500 has a lens below the platter to check autatically the speeds. the better model ps1000 eliminates the lever on off switch which has long been a priblem if the thread loosens or the catch fails to lock. the ps 600 also has elimated this priblem. but if neither the lever or the autatic return of tone arm is critical the os 500 rates as the best braun i have ever owned and seen. they come in three designs anthracite top or all black and a psq version for quadrophonic transmission.

10/10 by musiciki

Nice one, thank you!

9/10 by kolouker

This is a great turntable. Virtually indestructible.
Some technical data that is not available in the manual:

Spindle to pivot distance - 195mm
Effective tonearm mass (including headshell) - 14.8g

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