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Braun PS 450 Reviews

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Braun PS 450

Braun PS 450

8/10 by cpunotfound

Two months ago, Oct. 2018, I received it from Germany. I bought it as I love his design. Now I'm really stunned. After the usual TLC I put it to work, in place of a Dual 1229. Both have a Shure M95. The Braun PS450 arrived equipped with an original conical stylus. So, to be fair, I swapped the hyperellittical stylus (LPGear, N95HE stylus) between the two turntables, during tests.
The bad) The Braun has more background noise. Some vibrations from the motor are trasmitted to the platter. Need to replace/add the damping fluid for the tonearm lift.
The good) The tonearm is fantastic. It can track anyting without problems, no sibilants, no arsh tones. The speed of the platter is really stable, you need only a fast chech of the pitch with a strobe-disk, and forget it. Start and stop work flawlessy. A lot of turntable for 58€ including shipping!

So, I plan to try another, more accurate, manutention to see if I can tame the motor noise.

To me, the PS350 is the prettiest of the lot. There are two leves missing, for autostart and disk size, so the design is cleaner. Obviously, the leverages under the turntable are simpler and easier to clean, lubricate or fix.

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