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Braun PS 1000 Reviews

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Braun PS 1000

Braun PS 1000

5/10 by caliban0

the best looking deck IMHO. I've just uploaded the original user manual in german with a translation, hope that helps someone. It sounds out of this world, and rivals my td124 but has issues, will start a thread hoping someone can be of help...

10/10 by anli

This is a heavy battle ship, and it has a very interesting logic construction with 3 solenoids, 4 relays and light sensor (for auto-stop).
Better arm and autostop functionality than ps500. Less rumble from the motor as it is mounted on the floating part of the turntable. Rather heavy arm so middle compliance cartridges are preferred. A wonderful design that sounds good.

10/10 by huatlim

a top model from dieter rams one step ahead of ps 400 and ps 500. a smilarly shaped and indoctrinated miminalist design. has push button on off switch as opposed to lever controls on either earlier models. comes in quadrophonic option psq1000. rare model but a lot better than the ps500.

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