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BSR P128R Reviews

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9/10 by agennik

I bought this vinyl player with a ceramic head and a built-in amplifier. But very cheap. Mechanically, he was perfect. Threw the amplifier head (changed to Philips GP-412). But there was a background from the wires. I changed all the wires in the tone arm, put a new phono cable with grounding. And the player has played. And so, now I turn on Pro-Ject and DUX 6586 much less often - although they seem to be better. The disadvantage of one (known) - a little more speed. Approximately 1 second from 3 minutes. Pitch no. I do not want to climb into the scheme. Since otherwise the sound is excellent, the Spherical needle does not produce large distortions even with a short tone arm, but the energy and attack is higher than that of all other tables. I love this table - its mechanics is flawless even after 50 years.

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