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BIC 980 Reviews

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BIC 980

BIC 980

10/10 by eb2jim

Let me start by saying I did not want to like this turntable. I picked mine up at a garage sale for $40. I had seen these as a kid, and they had a decent rep with the audio crowd back then in spite of the fact that they were changers. In getting it home, I found that while the platter was spinning, it had evidence of the infamous BIC lube issues. The tonearm would only set down at the 7 spot, and the thing was generally sluggish. I dove into the often infuriating process of tearing down the auto gears and de-gunking and relubing the thing properly. Once that was done, and reassembled, I balanaced up the Osawa cart that was on there and set it up with a new needle, which was conical. I played a few of my lps and was blown away. It played steady and dead on speed, quiet, and had a very musical and nice vibe. At the time I was perfectly happy with and quite proud of my Thorens TD 166 - a table I had wanted as a kid at the same time these BICs were on the shelves at Tech Hifi with the pricier Thorens monsters. I spent a week A/Bing the BIC vs the Thorens, swapping carts, playing different lps, listening through headphones. After a week of that I came to the conclusion that the BIC 980 was a better turntable than the Thorens. I did NOT want to believe that, and tried to prove my ears wrong. But in the end, I put my Thorens up on ebay, cashed out big time, and kept my BIC as my main deck. And, yes, it can stack lps and 45s, even though I typically do not do that. So, if you find one, and aren't afraid to clean up 40 year old lube if that hasn't been done, you will end up with a giant killer. These things are really amazing. There are thousands of people with pricier turntables that will disagree and think this is crazy. Good.

10/10 by super g

i have had this TT for approx 1 mth. Bought secondhand $145 Aus dollars. I had afew missgivings about this TT after I took it home. Poor sound related to stylus, would not hold speed without turning the pitch control all the way around, stacker didn't seem to work. Anyway did the following, ordered a new replacement stylus & red belt. Opened the table and gave a general clean and lube. Turned the centre shaft about 45 degrees to line up with the stacker record support arm. Also found that the plastic circlip on the centre shaft, holding down the platter, had small high points in the middle stopping it from seating properly in the grove of the shaft. This impeded free movement of the platter once the standard spindle was placed over the top and caused speed issues. I filed these high points down. After i had finished all of this, cost about $30, I sat down to listen to some vinyl. What an amazing TT with the Shure M91 and new stylus, all speed issues gone. My go to TT was previously a Rotel RP1000 (a CEC built Jap TT) which I still admire for its simplicity and Japanese robustness. However the M91 cart in the BIC sounds better, it just does. It is perceptible, less shrieking high tones and more balanced. I love the BIC980, the stacker works great. The tonearm adjustments are easy. The table has separate settings for elliptical or round stylus, pitch control that seems to work well. Inside you can see that it is well built and classy. It is rugged and heavy, and in as far a tt's go pretty close to bombproof. I would highly reccomend one of these to anyone - Super g.

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