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BIC 960 Reviews

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BIC 960

BIC 960

9/10 by lazerbrains

These are really wonderful turntables and I prefer them to the finicky Dual changers. Very simple, reliable mechanism, excellent speed and sound - once serviced they will run for decades without a hitch. Tonearm sets down super soft onto your records treating them nicely. The pushbutton operation is very light and will not make the record skip when you press it unlike a Dual 1219 or similar. Tonearm is very good and can track down to .25 gram. Also the only tone arm I have ever used where the tracking scale is actually accurate when compared to my digital stylus pressure scale. It also was designed so that stylus pressure does not change when records are stacked. In fact, the stacking mechanism on these is very smooth and precise. Best of all, these simply sound fantastic. Try one with a M91E or Stanton 500 and they really sing. My only complaint is that speed and record size are not independently selectable, so if you want to play a 12 45 single, you need to do it in manual mode.

8/10 by jrj90620

BIC introduced the 940,960 and 980 during the mid 1970's.They were a much simpler designed mechanism than competitors like Garrard,BSR or Dual.The only problem they had was grease drying out.If that grease is replaced with a type of grease that doesn't dry out,you have really reliable turntable.Build quality is better than BSR or Garrard and comparable to Dual.Lot less problems than Dual.

5/10 by smallmouth

Brought two of these tables back into working condition. Both exhibited a slight bit of motor noise between songs and during quiet passages that I was unable to eliminate. If you are a rock listener you probably won't mind. Mounting a cartridge was a bit of a hassle, but once it was properly aligned the tonearm allowed it to track rather effectively. I wouldn't spend too much on one of these units, there are far better values out there among vintage 70's tables.

8/10 by ringading

i have repaired several of these and while they are not high quality, they are very sturdy and very easy to work on. The multi play ability is great as well and cartridges are easy to change with the removeable headshell - without all of the issues of others like Dual.

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