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Aurex Toshiba SR-F451 Reviews

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Aurex Toshiba SR-F451

Aurex Toshiba SR-F451

7/10 by Vinyl_Audio_01

This is a pretty solid turntable, I picked it up from a thrift-store in my area for uber-cheap ($6.00) so I figured I would put a review on here as I've done a little research on it and have a few tidbits to share.

First of all it's a well built unit, pretty hefty in weight and solid compared to some of todays lower-end turntables. The bottom plate is a particle type board with the majority of the plinth being plastic, and as can be expected from a 1970's era piece the front facade is metal. Even though it is mostly plastic it doesn't ring hollow which is nice.

The unit has a pretty decent tonearm, and if it has the original headshell as mine does it's metal as well. A quick note on the original headshell -- it's just ever-so-slightly too narrow for a standard (modern) Audio-Technica 1/2 cartridge... It is a standard screw on tonearm connector though, so it can be used with another headshell which is what I'm doing. Mine came with an Empire 5000/XEI mounted to it, which is at least 30 years old. It still works but I decided to get a new cart since I don't know how old the stylus is (and it's probably 30 years old as well).

The platter is a solid aluminum die-cast stroboscope type, and the platter mat is a quite thick rubber, really thick compared to many of todays rubber platter mats.

So after some research I found the original MSRP (1979) to have been $149.95 source: Audio Magazine, October 1979

9/10 by novy07

Great vintage turntable

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