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Audio Technica AT-LP5 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-LP5

Audio Technica AT-LP5

10/10 by Anakin

Amazing turntable , very impressive sound , consistent and powerful, plenty of emotion after using Rega RP1 for years I've found this model really enjoyable , makes me rediscover my music collection.

5/10 by kolob

this is a fantastic turntable that i have enjoyed many hours of listinng to my records on it i have had rega,s music hall table and this has turned out to be just as musically enjoyable,i bought this to replace a music hall mmf2.2 that met with a accident and proved to costly to fix so i thought i would give this a try beliving oi would return it,it sounds as good as the budget audiphile tables just different not better and not worse

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