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Audio Technica AT-LP120X-USB Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-LP120X-USB

Audio Technica AT-LP120X-USB

7/10 by The_Inspector_069

The AT-LP120XUSB replaced the AT-LP120USB. Since I am an owner of the AT-LP120USB, I purchased this upgrade for comparison. This model is set to be a Consumer/ Professional turntable. Even though I have mixed feelings about this unit, I figured I'd give it a try. I was disappointed to learn that some features have been removed. For example, forward/ backward direction of the platter, platter braking precision, the tone arm height adjustment, and the pop-up cue/ target light. This unit's weight is a tad bit lighter than the original, and a plastic 45 adapter is supplied, as opposed to an aluminum adapter.

Now, let's review the positive aspects of this turntable. The first thing you notice is the much quieter direct drive motor. A huge plus in my book. The Anti-Skate has been improved. The cartridge & stylus have been upgraded, and aligned. An AC adapter has replaced the conventional plug (This Configuration Reduces Harmonic Distortion). There is a plug-in cue/ target light. At first, I thought it was a bad idea. The light would eventually get misplaced. However, replacement target lights are available (Google it). Not to mention, easier to replace if and when it burns out. I am impressed with the improved sound quality. The bass appears deeper, and the highs are clearer. Naturally, this also has to do with one's speakers. I was mostly impressed that AT has finally soldiered the RCA jacks directly to the circuit board. This makes transporting the unit more convenient. There is also a ground available. Since I wasn't fond of the plastic 45 adapter, I purchased an aluminum one from amazon.

There has been an existing problem that has not been addressed. This problem also hindered the AT-LP120USB. The cueing mechanism. I have had my LP120x for six months. I noticed that when picking a track on a record and using the cue lever, it comes down very quickly. As some would say ”Like A Rock.” To resolve this ongoing problem, I purchased dampening gel, and applied to the gold plated piston. I can apply the gel without taking the unit apart. However, I wanted to get to the heart of the problem. So I dismantled my player. Now the tone arm comes down gracefully.

Final thoughts on this unit. Without a doubt, I would recommend this to all the novices out there. You become familiar with balancing a tone arm, setting the anti-skate, adjusting the pitch control, and the most challenging, aligning the cartridge/ stylus. This would require a protractor, which can be easily downloaded from this site and printed out.

8/10 by kimberlybeaven

I just purchased the audio technica AT-LP120X-USB yesterday. I had been wanting to upgrade my entry one, the ion LP Archive, to the audio technica AT-LP120 for awhile. I listened to the difference in the 120X and would say that it is a great buy - sound is great and the upgrade in cartridge from the LP120 is a definite plus. I have a Marantz MR1135 Receiver, Edifier P2 speakers, cork mat, and upgraded cables, and it sounds amazing!

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