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Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Reviews

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Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB

Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB

2/10 by albee213

I had one for almost a year as my first modern turntable. I am not a DJ so I am not reviewing it as one. This would be a perfect budget DJ turntable. Lets start with the good. Feels well built, super heavy. Speed adjustment, reverse and a torquey motor that made cleaning records a breeze. Now the bad. You can hear the motor running through the speakers. There is something wrong with how it sounds compared to other turntables. Many recommend removing the preamp. The antiskate is non existing unless you run the counter weight very lightly. At $300 new there are better options.

9/10 by JoshuaYvon

J'ai acheté cette platine en 2013, elle est géniale mais il y a quelques défauts que j'ai constaté sur plusieurs platines AT-LP120-USB : la vitesse en 45T est un petit peu trop lente : l'effet stroboscopique du plateau n'est pas tout à fait correct en 45T.
Le deuxième défaut que je peux citer c'est le bras, en effet, les vis se desserrent à force d'enlever et de remettre le porte cellule. Du coup l'alignement de la cellule n'est plus parfait, j'ai corrigé le problème en resserrant ces vis mais pour pouvoir les resserrer, il faut démonter la platine et le bras...

Sur la mienne, la lampe ''target light'' est tombée en panne au bout de 6 mois, j'ai démonté ma platine pour voir d'où venait le problème, il y avait un fil de dessoudé au niveau de l'interrupteur qui active cette lampe. Je l'ai ressoudé et ça a fonctionné de nouveau.

A part ça, c'est une excellente platine, elle permet de numériser ses disques avec la sortie USB.
Elle permet de jouer la plupart des disques anciens : 78 tours bien sur, et avec son pitch variable les 90~100 tours de Pathé datant de 1910 environ et aussi les 80 tours.

5/10 by audiopip

I would like to tell you this is an excellent budget turntable, but both samples I had suffered from motor noise, audible in the room and as background in the pickup. I know this is a budget item, but surely thats just not acceptable. If AT could fix this they would have a product worth buying.

9/10 by gadgetman1

This is my first “new” higher grade turntable. It does everything I expected it to do & is an excellent performer for the price!

9/10 by Alex_90

I bought my AT-LP120-USB right at the start of the year, this is my first ever turntable and I have to say I have been very impressed by it's performance so far.

As a complete novice to vinyl, I did some research into which turntable to buy and found the Youtube channel VinylEyezz who highly recommended this turntable. After looking around on forums and on Hi-Fi reviews I knew this was the turntable I wanted.

Its sturdy, weighty and solidly built. The tonearm feels high quality and the counterweight, anti-skate and headshell allow for precise adjustment for whichever cartridge you choose.

The features are outstanding for the price (£250 ish), 3 speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM), quartz lock, pitch adjustment up to + or - 20% , target light and markers around the platter to indicate turntable speed. I don't really use the pitch control that often, but its nice to know they are there. Its also direct drive so there is no belt to service or replace, I can't hear any turntable rumble either when it is switched on or during playback.

The first thing I changed was the felt matt with a cork one, this added depth to the listening experience. I now use an acrylic matt which has brought even more fidelity and precision. I placed the felt matt below my acrylic matt which brings the height of the platter up to make the tonearm completely level with the height adjustment on lowest.

The cartridge it comes with is excellent, the AT95E provides really good clarity, a well rounded and balanced sound. Anyone who uses the cartridge it comes with will be impressed, but I now use a Nagaoka MP-110 which has brought another level of detail, anything I listen to sounds absolutely incredible. Because of the adjustment features I was able to dial in the exact alignment, counterbalance and anti-skate, I recommend the Schon Tonearm Alignment Gauge which has two grooves for precise adjustment, very detailed instructions and a whole host of information regarding cart' alignment and distortion (I'll have to write a review of this, it's a must for any turntable beginner).

This turntable has a switchable phono pre-amp, mine is switched to line out as my powered speakers have a phono pre-amp built in. I haven't really tested the phono pre-amp that much, I can see its handy to have, but for my setup I use the pre-amp built into my powered speakers which sounds much better.

The only drawback with this turntable is that you can't replace the RCA out cables as they are wired directly. Mine is the gloss black version which attracts dust and fingerprints like nothing else, it's not a fault of the turntable, just means I have to clean it more regularly.

I have a very simple audio setup, I'm not using any high end amps or speakers, but to my ears this turntable really delivers. I recommend this turntable to anyone interested in starting a vinyl collection, best tool for the job at a very reasonable price :D

10/10 by Larryro2




7/10 by Boltman92124

My first TT since 1990. I too figured out the anti-skate issue with the 95e, even when set to Max. Other than that, no complaints. Don't feel the need to replace the 95e right away because it really does sound good. Overall, the AT120 sounds sweet and even lush, but wobbly bass during high demanding records, like Marley Exodus. But what I was looking for. And it's built like a tank for the price.

9/10 by ArthurTransOceanic

I'd give it a 10, if it only came with any instructions covering proper cartridge alignment, at least a start. This table sounds great, and is an excellent value for the money. The included AT95E cartridge is indeed excellent.

7/10 by bobsmithy

This being my first time owning a standalone TT price point was critical. A turntable with quality playback at an affordable price was needed and the AT-LP120 has both good reviews and affordability. I didn't own any audio equipment so the integrated pre-amp was the deciding factor but would latter become its ultimate undoing.

Setup is easy to follow for a beginner with the excellent youtube video demonstrating tonearm balancing and tracking force setup. After connecting to cheap powered PC speakers for a sanity check I felt the vinyl route was going to be a rewarding experience.

The experience keep improving after purchasing a proper amp and bookshelf speakers however with the added room to judge sound quality little discrepancies began to surface. First was the static noise from the quick release headshell. On occasions the headshell needed to be re-attached or fiddled with to remove the static, at others the sound out of one or both channels would completely disappear. The second problem was the lack of frequency reaching the right channel resulting in an out of balance soundstage. The end came when this issue was isolated to the integrated USB/ADC. There are a few youtube videos showing how to remove the USB and after taking the one out of my unit the entire system opened up with an amazing improvement in clarity, balance, and volume.

Unfortunately for the AT-LP120 the conviction that there wasn't anything more to gain out of vinyl was shattered. If the AT-LP120 could be made to sound this good what might a higher end TT have to offer?

For listening to pop, rock, or metal you probably will not find a better turntable than the AT-LP120 in this price point. The rugged design, speed, pitch, and direction controls, quick release headshells are DJ quality tools but to explore the information contained within slower, thoughtful, more complex recordings you will need a more refined, sophisticated instrument which unfortunately comes at a much higher price.

9/10 by Menno29

Received my Audio Technica LP120 yesterday from the US perfectly on time by Amazon. Well packed and after a easy setup connected to the HiFi. This time I went for a more budget player instead of my last Technics player which was damaged by the movers. I must say I am real impressed and none of the negative comments are in order. The direct drive motor is as it is a sleep. 0% noise. For now the stock cartridge is sufficient. The only thing still to do is to check the 100% alignment. It is just fun to play vinyl again.

10/10 by HI-FI

I have my Audio technica at lp 120 for some days now, all I can say is, this is the best turntable that I’ve had or heard . I'm very happy with it, for now Idon’t even see the point of upgrading this unity, it plays music flawless. Some people complains about some noise when it is not playing music, to be honest, regarding my unity I’m not sure if it is noise or if it is just my phono stage? If there is noise I think it is very very tiny because I can’t be sure if I can hear it. My last turntable was a Pro-ject 1 Xpression (1 or 2, can’t be sure, it was 8 or 9 years ago), and let me tell you the Audio Technica 120 is a looooot better than the Pro-ject Xpression. I’m not saying the Pro-ject Xp was bad is just the Audio T. 120 is so good. I dare to say it is a night and day the difference among both. I didn’t try the phono that comes with it or recording vinyl. If you are hunting for a new turntable up to £400 I suggest you to put this one on top of your short list.

8/10 by radewey

If you've caught the vinyl bug and think you might become an audiophile, this is a good first deck to start exploring all the options of cartridge replacement, tracking force setting, vertical tracking angle, etc. I haven't had any rumble issues, but I bought mine long enough ago that it came with a DJ cartridge rather than the 95e so maybe the quality control was better before the turntable market took off. Also, I never used the felt mat as I had a rubber mat lying around and would never consider using a static-creating felt mat in the first place. I'm not so sure about pro DJ use, but changing records during a party from lp's to 45's to 78's is a breeze with this thing and I can literally switch from LP to 78 in less than 20 seconds and that includes a headshell change; the brake and torque on this is excellent for my home use needs. Quartz lock has been great for the speed consistency. The 45 adapter that came with mine is the most properly-sized one I've ever seen as a throw-in. Main drawbacks are the felt mat and the RCA cables are attached rather than ports. I don't use the built-in pre-amp or the USB but I don't feel like I paid for them. Value-wise, it far exceeds the similarly-priced Music Hall USB-1 (and I believe both are built by Hanpin). I can hear the difference in each cartridge I've used on it and can gauge each cart on its own merits rather than feel like the table is compromising them; because of this deck I now use microgroove 78's for cartridge auditioning and I will never let it go, even if I don't use it for my daily driver anymore.

5/10 by Willem54

This turntable does what it promisses. Not more and not less. It is great value for the money but it is certainly not a Technics not expect it to be given the price it sets you back. For the money, you will get a sturdy player but despite its looks, not a single part is the same, or has the same feel like the original. However, it will leave your records unharmed. If you get the chance, replace the stock AT-95 for AT-120e. This is a tremendous upgrade for two reasons: the overall better performance and for a not so nice reason; the anti-skate as is, is useless when carts are used that need more than 1.7 grams needle force. Simply because at higher forces the anti-skate doesn't work or only very bad. That means the stock AT-95, it needs 2 grams, can't perform at its best because it gets not enough compensation. The AT-120e needs 1.7 and if the anti-skate is set to maximum, just enough anti-skate is applied. At least, my unit shows this fault and I understand many units have the same flaw. Another set back might be the rather noisy motor, causing just audible rumble at low groove modulation and the amplifier set at higher volume levels. And last but not least, the wow & flutter figures are only mediocre, but this can be improved by replacing the stock felt mat for a rubber one. The higher momentum will make sure the wow & flutter figures will be better. A side effect is that the rather ringy die cast platter is adequately damped. So these minor improvements will make sure this friendly priced turntable will perform very well for an affordable price!

9/10 by agoldarbit

Turntable goes together easily and is well packed and well made. Has pitch settings slider, a button to override the slider and set at correct pitch for the speed you're on. It comes with an AT95E cartridge mounted in Audio Technica's HTSA1 headshell. Stock cartridge is an excellent budget cartridge and is a recomended cartridge by Stereophile. I chose to replace this cartridge with an Audio Technica AT120E that I had laying around from an older turntable. With 1 gram of tracking force it does an excellent job at tracking old vinyl. Be careful if you decide to change the mat. The tonearm is height adjustable on this player and the zero setting is the height with the stock mat. It is about 4mm thick. Not thinking, I purchased a carbon fiber-felt mat that was only two mm thick and the result was a tonearm that skipped erratically across the record. I ended up putting the stock mat back on and the carbon fiber on top of that and raising the tonearm 2mm and it tracks fine now. It is a 3 speed turntable and I got the black version which I think looks better. Sound with either cartridge was fine. The AT120E has a more open musical sound to my ears than the AT95 which seems to have a tighter, flatter sound, again, to my ears. You have a choice of using their onboard phono preamp or your own external preamp. I used the preamp in my amplifier and it sounds great. Haven't tried the onboard preamp but from what I've read it's not that good. This turntable also comes with a USB port and software but since I don't record my records I haven't tried it.

This player is replacing an audiophile grade turntable. My own opinion is that audiophile grade and not audiophile grade is how much you pay for it and has very little to do with sound quality. People may jump all over me for that statement but I can't see the increase in sound quality anywhere near the increase in price for audiophile quality equipment. This turntable does the job well, has many features you won't normally find on an audiophile turntable, and if something happens to it I won't have to mortgage y house to buy a replacement. I would definitely recomend this unit for home as well as dj use. At $250 street price it's a steel.

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