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Audio Technica AT PL120 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT PL120

Audio Technica AT PL120

7/10 by BMRR

All of these reviews that mention USB must be referring to the LP120, not the PL120. They are two different turntables. The PL120 does not have USB. Having said that, the PL120 is very similar to the LP120, but it's a bit older and you can probably find a used PL120 for less money than a used LP120. I was able to find a PL120 in great condition for only $100. I mainly use it for playing 78s, but 33s and 45s also sound good on it. The plinth is very resonant but this is only really noticeable when you're touching the plinth or the dust cover. The platter rings like a bell but this can be reduced by replacing the felt mat with a heavier and thicker rubber mat, or stacking two regular rubber mats on top of each other. For only $100 you could do a lot worse.

10/10 by Refresch

Is the best for the price range. I like it.

7/10 by dshampton

As has been said here, remove the lousy preamp-USB card, add a cork mat, upgrade the cartridge, and add a stabilizer. Punches way above its price point. I'm happy with it still after 7 years.

8/10 by vavastrat

I know of no other turntable that performs as well as this for anywhere near the price after you remove the USB card, mount some good RCAs and ground lug and add a cork mat.
I bought it as it also plays 78's. My biggest wish is for a better wow & flutter spec, but again, you'd have to pay double its price and probably not get 78 playback.

2/10 by Tomux

Got this one few years ago, sold it after three months. Motor noise was audible through speakers, tonearm is a bit of a joke comparing to technics sl1200.When compared megadeth rip album on vinyl and cd, cd won hands down. Yep it was that bad. Nowhere near to audiophile quality, for bedroom dj's only. Btw I love audio-technica brand, I own m50x and at440mlb, but not this tt. Don't buy.

8/10 by Nkrumah

I removed the usb card pre-amp, added a ground wire, and added a better cartridge. It sounds pretty good now. Before it sounded quite muddy.

9/10 by Lauman

5/10 by Szilas

10/10 by Phonofilia1

Although there are better turntables out there for really big bucks, there are none of this quality for the $200 price range. It looks and works like a TT at twice or thrice the price. It is a solid heavy performer and has the feel and response of the legendary Technics SL series. It is not quite as good as those, but then again it is a fraction of the price. The one major advantage the Audio Technica PL120 has over the Technics is that has 78RPM. Low noise and adjustability for great tweaking make it wonderful. I have had one for two years now and have never had a single complaint. I have had several overrated and over priced Stanton TT's in the past and I much prefer this Audio Technica. For a DJ turntable it sounds very audiophile. You can not lose with this one.

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