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Akai AP-Q70 Reviews

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Akai AP-Q70

Akai AP-Q70

5/10 by media_jp

I cleaned and tuned up an Akai AP-Q70. I changed the ADC cartridge that came with it for a Nagaoka MP-110 set up at 1.5g.
It sounds as good as Rega P2

8/10 by davy_75019

A good and highly reliable TT. Matches perfectly with Ortofon LM / OM cartdriges as described by Australian Hi-Fi stereo buyers guide in 1981. This combination gives very good resonance results with tonearm (set at 1,5g). I add that OM / LM is the only way to reach Baerwald geometry. Other strong point : the perfect speed accuracy. Isolation from vibrations is also excellent, thanks to the suspended chassis , a pretty rare spec. for a direct drive machine. If you have info about its strange tonearm, feel free to post !

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