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Akai AP-D210 Reviews

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Akai AP-D210

Akai AP-D210

8/10 by henkdekruyff

I still own this deck from new (mid 1980's). Back in the day I upgraded the cartridge to an Excel ES-70E. I haven't used it in quite a while but am in the process of setting it up again and getting a pre-amp for it so I can re-instate it into my setup (yep, jumping onto the vinyl bandwagon). It used to be a nice turntable and I'm sure it will still serve me well. If you can find one in a thrift shop or jumble sale, get it. They're cheap and cheerful.

10/10 by norville rogers

A real awesome deck.
Found this in a thrift store and boy is it good.
Cleaned up well
Very easy to use and direct drive as well.

10/10 by zektor

Excellent turntable! I found this at a Goodwill around 9 years ago in the box in excellent condition. I added an Ortofon FF 15XE MKII cartridge to it and have been spinning away ever since. I have never had to perform any maintenance on this other than the usual keeping it clean methods. It is a full featured, rock solid direct drive table that sounds superb, is ultra quiet and extremely reliable. If you can find one in good working and physical condition it is a great choice!

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