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Akai AP-207 Reviews

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Akai AP-207

Akai AP-207

8/10 by lapratho

This turntable is a classic from the 70s vinyl hey-days, when even cheap tables worked well and sounded acceptable. I just fired up mine, and it is surprisingly good, despite not having a double gimbal arm.
It is very solid and heavy, unlike the tables you see now up to over 200 bucks.
The machine just passed my first test with a measly NOS Shure 3x stylus on an R47XT, and sounded more competent than my Dual players with the same stylus. The Duals however reveal the flaws of the 3x much more. They are excellent with SAS/Shure, and AT440ML and OC9ML.
With the 35 dollar LP-Tunes Carbon Fidelity CF3600 cart, the Akai's sound is a lot like many entry level modern tables with a 100 dollar Ortofon 2M-Red, and actually a bit fluffier. Very nice!
More cartridge compatibility tests to find a sweet spot would require swapping some carts and more expensive needles from my Dual headshells to the standard SME type headshell of the Akai, but so far it earned a permanent place in my collection :)
For many cartridges the somewhat heavier (probably medium weight class) arm will harmonise better.

You have to love the automatic action on this table! It is a little quirky, and definitely unique, but you can get used to it fast.
For those who prefer a machine that starts by swinging the arm over, no this is not it. You have to flip the start lever to start spinning, and the automatic action will swing the arm to the setting you preselected on the platter size switch. From there, you can target a track, and lower the arm. This was a unique Akai control mechanism, but it works very well, and I have never seen a bad one yet, so this looks to be very reliable.

10/10 by sanQ

This is an excellent turntable as good as a Technics easy. I found one for cheap and compared it to my other turntables. It's much better than a Marantz turntable yet Marantz are heralded as the second coming. I was not impressed with Marantz turntables at all in sound quality or usability and sold mine shortly after buying it. Those turntables have the worst hype ever. I have primarily grown up with Technics and Sony turntables. This Akai is the best deal one can find in a turntable if you come across one. They are way underrated for how good they are and they are loaded with features like being fully automatic. You can play an LP on repeat without getting up to change it. You can adjust the speed. It's also a direct drive so you never have to worry about a broken belt ever. Not to mention it's way easier to service to do cleaning. The only problem I had when I found this was that the speed controls were a bit wonky. So I sprayed them with deoxit, turned the dials a hundred times, and they now work perfectly. I mean this, get this turntable if you ever get the chance. It's excellent! It's a luxury feature turntable that does not get the respect it deserves. Best of all though is that the AP-207 sounds fantastic. This is one of the best turntables I've ever owned and I've had a lot of them.

9/10 by akai-ap-207

This Classic AKAI AP-207 i inherit form my Uncle have been stored in our old house for more than 35 year, when time comes by i power it up, surprisingly works perfectly. i now enjoy playing and listening with my old vinyl records. i rate 9 because this is a very competitive inexpensive made by Japanese that lives up the reputation. we all know most of hifi enthusiast would go with the top brands expensive piece of machine. this is a surprise the AKAI AP-207 :)

7/10 by BKVNZ

Classic Akai turntable solid construction wood plinth covered in Silver/grey or black. Solid aluminium platter with strobe speed adjustment 33/45. S shaped tone arm with anti skate and fully automatic. I am using an Ortofon LM-10 cartridge and sounds great I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this turntable solid reliable and good looking.

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