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Akai AP-003 Reviews

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Akai AP-003

Akai AP-003

10/10 by Jhony

I bought him for £ 300, serviced. I really like. sound awesome. better than others

7/10 by ginopeocio

ho questo giradischi da 40 anni, e funziona ancora bene, ho messo dei fogli di antirombo all'interno della base plastica, e cilindretti in gomma nelle molle per renderlo meno sensibile, l'alzabraccio ha perso un po' di smorzamento ,buon rapporto qualità prezzo anche nel tempo, provato con testine empire 66 rex-pickering xv15 625e- audiotechnica at 95 con buoni risultati

5/10 by flexi60

I bought an ap-003 almost 10 years ago and banned it for a long time because of its running noises.
Now i found out how to adjust the needle.The overhang is 9,4 mm,quite unusual.All other turntables I worked with have a stylus overhang of 15 mm.
The next problem was the audible motor vibration,I could feel it on the massive aluminium deck,too.
According to the owners manual,I simply dropped some oil to the capstan that runs the belt.
The vibration is completely wiped out,the performance now is almost CD-like.
The ap-003 is superior to more expensive turntables I owned.
It just took a while to get used to watch a turntable without platter,but the platter is present,
believe me!This player may look simple,but it concentrates,Zen philosophy-like,more on what it`s all
The precious records we put on.AKAI products are often underrated,good for us buyers.
Those who know the quality of AKAI reel to reel recorders,especially the glass headed ones,will agree.Upgrade your cartridge with a good elliptic needle and you will be really satisfied.

7/10 by DominicArnold

This is my first turntable in 30 years and one I'm slowly beginning to understand. I love the weight (10KG) , the precision and style but have little to compare it with. The chap who sold it sells similar gear and I'm still trying to find out why he let it go for less than £80 (December 2016). I've managed to get three cartridges and styli working fine wth great definition with acoustic jazz but I suspect there may be an issue as, with one particular live recording the piano has a faint long wave vibrato on held chords which I can't imagine was deliberate. I suspect there's something wrong with the motor or another area needs attention. However, aside from that the build quality seems superb and it's a table I'm very pleased with.
Tested with AT95, AT11 and AT91

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