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Akai AP-001 Reviews

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Akai AP-001

Akai AP-001

7/10 by caputto70

Dont like in general plastic turntables. But this is an acceptable compromise. The tonearm seem to be of quite good quality. The Platter bearing seemed to be good. After cleaning and new oil it spinnes smoothley. The platter is lightweigt which is a minus. A good starter turntable. Its cheap second hand and with a good MM cart and a quality phono stage you will have good value for the money.

10/10 by clau_bk

excelent turntable

10/10 by Bertje

A simple player wich still works as should be, after a new belt and a few drops of oil. The lift needs some silicon oil after all those years, but still a excellent player.

10/10 by akaisetmcbo

Simply Excellent!! 41 years of magnificent performance

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