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Aiwa LP-3000 Reviews

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Aiwa LP-3000

Aiwa LP-3000

8/10 by moris4wildlife

Deserves more love. I’ve owned mine since 1980. The reason it doesn’t get the full 10 stars is that the 45 rpm function no longer works. But I don’t own any 45 rpm LPs, so no harm. Also, there is no mention of tonearm mass in the specs, so it’s challenging to figure cartridge compliance matches. Regardless, when integrated with complimentary components - Nag MP200, Schiit Mani, Schiit Saga, NAD C370, Philharmonitor speakers, Rocket UL10 sub - this TT SINGS!!!

10/10 by renibacterium

Truely awesome deck. when set up correctly knocks the spots of of anything else. Very rare. If you ever see one, grab it.

10/10 by stefan50

10/10 by Mal59

Excellent quality piece of kit that can stand the test of time. I've had mine from new and it still works as well as on the day I purchased it when I was a teenager. Back then it cost around three months wages and was worth every penny.

10/10 by lp-3000

10/10 by lupo63

Beatiful and nice sounding turntable,15kgs of quality's a pleasure for eyes

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