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Aiwa AP-2500 Reviews

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Aiwa AP-2500

Aiwa AP-2500

10/10 by platara

The AIWA AP 2500 is a great turntable.
Because it is running very silent and has a well made tonearm. To me, it looks the arm share design features fram some Micro Seiki tonearms. They might very well have had a hand with the technical design.The arm is fairly light weight and should be used high to medium compliance tonearms. I've used it with a Shure V15 mk III with original stylus, and is really sings with that choise. We also see that AIWA is using the the same direct drive motor as in the Micro Seiki DD40/DD7 and the KENWOOD KD 500/550 turntables.

Beeing a FG servo controlled direct drive , the specs are very nice compared to other well resepected turntables from that time. wow and flutter WRMS: under 0,03 % and S/N ratio DIN- B: 75 DB
the platter including the rubber mat, weight is around 1,75 kilograms.. really precision made, as you cant see any imbalance/ variations when looking at the platter rotating. (you cant say that about every upper class turntables)
The plinth is a composite of some stone/ mineral fibre combined with a plast material for anti resonance purposes. It really works as this machine it is a clear sounding musical turntable. I also like the auto lift auto stop feature. A turntable a can reccomend.

However, bare in mind, as with all tables of this vintage, especially without quartz control. They are more prone too pitch issues and need at least maintanance/ cleaning of speed control potentiometers, and possibly some recapping to perform as they where intended too.
Apart from that, theese machines are built to last 40 more years. Well done AIWA !

10/10 by chrchribaile

I couldn't disagree more with edna777's findings; properly set up my AP-2500 will track the Hi-Fi News and Hi-Fi Review test LPs with flying colours (and at v.low tracking weights). This performance is beautifully represented in the Aiwa's music presentation --great clarity ! I use Audio-technica at20sla and shure m97x cartridges primarily. I should add that the design and build qualities are , in my experience, matchless.

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