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Aiwa AP-2200 Reviews

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Aiwa AP-2200

Aiwa AP-2200

8/10 by snafu

Agree with blindroofer, this is a sleeper... hefty weight, super Japanese quality build with direct drive motor, fully adjustable feet and simple, precise pitch adjustment on both speeds. Rumble is very low. Just restored one, all that needed replacing were 4 x Rifa caps (split like they always are) and the neon strobe bulb. A better, more reliable and probably cheaper turntable than the more common Dual CS-505.

9/10 by blindroofer

Solid, material above average. Heavy and a workhorse whith mechanics that whont let you down and great feeling in the knobs and buttons. I owne and owned a lot of nice turntables from Technics, Thorens, Sony and so on and this turntable is a sleeper. Likeed it a lot!

7/10 by prinssimikko

Sturdy, realiable player. No probles after years of heavy use.

3/10 by caputto70


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